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Who is Roshtein?

Roshtein, whose real name is Ishmael Schwartz, is an online casino streamer from Sweden.

His trademark, apart from his prominent long hair and beard, is a black hat that he wears in the streams frequently. Not much is known about his private life.

The streamer keeps a low profile when it comes to personal information, such as his date of birth. The only thing that is known about his background is his Swedish descent. In some of his streams, you can even spot a Swedish flag in his room.

His companion almost since the beginning of his streaming career has been his dog Sia.

According to the official website, Roshtein has been streaming and entertaining his community, which he refers to as the Troops, since 2016.

In 2021, the casino influencer released the video 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! on his YouTube channel to celebrate his career anniversary.

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Wanted Dead or a Wild - 16,673,250 $

"Assemble the Troops!"


What is special about Roshtein?

In his streams, Roshtein entertains his viewers with high stakes and bonus hunts. Roshtein also takes his community to various real-life events via livestream.

His streaming style is characterized by his energetic reactions to wins, his particularly high stakes and his entertainment. Whether with dance breaks, disguises or in the usual manner with a distinctive hat and sunglasses – Roshtein has established himself over the years as an online casino streamer and as a popular online casino influencer.

What are Rostein’s biggest wins?

Roshtein plays slots with stakes of several hundred dollars per spin, which in turn makes the winnings spectacular. Roshtein was able to achieve one of these impressive wins in the online casino slot Wanted Dead or a Wild with a considerable winning sum of 8,967,600$. In this very game, Roshtein set his personal online casino winnings record of 16,673,250$ in February 2022.

Due to his extremely high stakes, which regularly amount to 1,500$ per spin, Roshtein has been criticized in recent years for allegedly playing with bonus money. In fact, this claim has not been proven so far.

What content can I expect from Roshtein?

The self-proclaimed casino philosopher shares his RoshFails on his social media channels alongside his regular bonus hunts, photos and highlight videos.

His bonuscasts in particular are extremely popular and leave his viewers breathless due to the excitement and sky-high payouts. Roshtein streams very regularly and usually for several hours, often even more than twelve hours, in one session.

Where can I buy Roshtein merch?

The online casino influencer offers his casino community hoodies and t-shirts as well as mugs and stickers with his logos and catchphrases as merchandise. By watching and participating in Roshtein casino streams, followers can collect points in the StreamElements store, which they can then exchange for various prizes.