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Casino Influencer

What and who are casino influencers?

Until now, the popularity of casinos and casino communities has been constantly increasing worldwide. As a result, the online presence of the gambling industry has been growing simultaneously. In consequence, the range of casino games and offers has enormously widened as well. Casino influencers share this trend and their gambling fascination with other casino fans and win over new audiences. In that regard, gambling influencers, and social media channels provide casino contents and access to the world of gambling. This development can also be observed regarding local casinos.

Online casino influencers do not only entertain their followers and communities but also help and assist casino novices by introducing them to the world of casinos. This allows players to discover the extensive program of casinos and enjoy a new form of entertainment and casino content.

Casino Influencer

Why should I follow a casino influencer?

There is a multitude of reasons why you should follow an online casino influencer!

Online gambling influencers show a great interest in all gambling related topics and can therefore provide a wide array of casino content and entertainment. No matter if you are a gambling novice or casino pro – There are certainly interesting influencers and casino communities for every target group due to the substantial number of influencers and offers. Casino influencers enhance individual gaming experiences by adding the factors entertainment, variety, and social engagement.

Moreover, influencers keep their communities updated about the latest casino news and trends. You can find current and freely available information on their social media channels in the form of streams, videos, blogs, and posts. To provide you a summary of the most important news, our team at GambleBoost is constantly updating our website and presenting the most exciting online casino novelties and information on GambleNews.

Followers can not only profit from regular updates but also from various experience reports. Influencers review online casino games and point out valuable references that can be significant regarding the personal gaming experience, for instance information regarding payout ratio or terms and conditions of the respective providers. Additionally, you can benefit from game and provider recommendations and discover extraordinary casino games.

Influencers and their social media channels provide platforms for the exchange of information, opinions, news, and all topics related to the world of gambling. By doing this, influencers allow followers to build online casino communities and network with other followers by interacting with each other through comments and blog posts. By writing reviews, commenting on posts, and taking part in discussions and votes, you are not only actively taking part in a certain community, but also shaping and developing the growing casino industry according to your opinions and preferences.

The most crucial factors of the success of influencers are the people behind the online profiles. Influencers give an insight into the gambling industry, into gameplay and sometimes even into their personal lives. Followers have the chance to get to know their favorite content creators by watching their streams and following their casino contents. Thus, influencers do not remain anonymous strangers, but quickly become friends and fellow players. Throughout this joint gaming experience, influencers can seize the opportunity to build a fanbase and organize fan meetings and gaming conventions.

Furthermore, players can benefit from various advantages, such as the receipt of bonus offers or the opportunity to take part in lotteries and tournaments. The following abstract elaborates on the benefits of following an online casino influencer.

What are the benefits of following a casino influencer?

The entertainment factor is certainly a big plus of following an online casino influencer. Influencers upgrade your gaming experience by adding the factors entertainment, information, and social interaction.

Followers track the gaming experience and progress of the influencers by keeping track of their social media posts and appearances. Moreover, players can gather a multitude of information for their own gaming journey whilst watching livestreams or videos. Followers can furthermore benefit from reviews and recommendations of the best online casino offers. To help you find an ideal offer, GambleBoost compiles a list of the most popular online casinos including detailed descriptions and evaluations. You can find the complete list here.

Another huge advantage is the chance of discovering a multitude of online games and casino providers at no charge and risk free. In addition, you get the chance to gain an inside and compare different options. This allows you to develop a feeling for spotting popular games and favorable providers. In doing so, you remain updated and keep expanding your gambling knowledge.

The participation in competitions and sweepstakes can be quite lucrative for players as well. Influencers host these exceptionally entertaining and thrilling events for their respective communities. At those events, followers have the chance to win different prizes or even prize money. Apart from that, influencers regularly reward their community with online casino vouchers or promotional codes.

Lastly, there is the benefit of transparency and disclosure of information. By playing games and showing the gameplay, for instance in the format of bonus hunts or multi slot features, players get the chance to quickly discover the possibilities as well as the chances of winning across different games. Moreover, players constantly stay informed by getting information regarding gameplay and other factors such as the speed of payout.

Where can I find casino influencers?

You can find online casino influencers on every social media platform. Content creators use the platforms for posting and broadcasting their casino content as well as for maintaining their community network. The following platforms are the most popular among online casino influencers.


Since the year 2011, Twitch has been the market leader regarding online livestreaming. The platform offers the options of hosting as well as watching livestreams.

Twitch gives users the opportunity to take part in livestreams either by being a silent viewer or by interacting with others in the live chat. Additionally, the platform offers emotes, in other words small descriptions and comments in the form of texts or animations, as special and entertaining features of the live chat. The emote packages differ in size and contents for every follower according to their subscriptions.

On Twitch you have the possibility to watch international influencers and interesting gambling streams around the clock. In comparison to other social media platforms, Twitch certainly offers the largest number of online casino streams and influencers.


The video platform YouTube has been online since the year 2005. YouTube gives influencers a platform for broadcasting videos and livestreams. Regarding gambling content, stream highlights and montages are the most popular casino related formats on the platform. Short videos of big hits and bonus hunts enjoy popularity amongst subscribers as well.

Users have the possibility to react to contents and interact with others by rating videos or writing comments in the comment sections and live chats. Thus, users can network with other casino fans from all around the world. Game reviews, rankings of the biggest hits, gambling livestreams or bonus hunts – There are numerous interesting and relevant online casino topics and contents to discover.


The social media platform Instagram allows users to create personal profiles and fill them with photos and videos as well as brief descriptions. Moreover, users can comment on posts and contact other users.

Influencers can utilize the platform Instagram for the purpose of building a community and networking with followers. The audience can experience the influencer’s gaming journey as well as private insights. This alternation of contents makes the following of influencers especially entertaining and interesting.

The system of using hashtags simplifies the search for relevant contents on Instagram. Thus, online casino content can be easily found by using hashtags like #gambling #win or #jackpot.


The short message service Twitter is famous for posts that are precisely limited to 280 characters. Briefness, conciseness, and topicality are the characteristics that make Twitter perfectly suitable for the rapid spread of news and information. Therefore, international influencers and gambling fans use Twitter to inform their followers and communities about the latest developments and offers. Besides the possibility of spreading useful information, for instance the announcement of events and livestreams, users can use the platform for documenting their casino experiences in the form of brief updates.

Users have the option to filter and find interesting contents by using hashtags like #casino #game or #onlinegambling.

Snapchat and TikTok

The social media provider newcomers are Snapchat and TikTok. Users have the option to create and save short videos and photos on their personal profiles and share them with others. The distinctive feature is the possibility to post stories or in other words cohesive contents that followers can access for a set period.

The posts made by the influencers are as versatile and fast paced as the platforms themselves. There are no limits to creativity and editing options. This allows influencers to create diversified content, for instance live videos of big hits or in game screenshots including brief descriptions.


For years, the social network Facebook has been one of the most well-known social media platforms worldwide. Users have the possibility to create online profiles and interact with others.

Due to its global reach, the platform has two major advantages regarding the topic of online casinos: The first advantage stems from the option of introducing and representing online providers and local casinos by creating public profiles that everyone can access. The second advantage results from the opportunity of creating and managing groups or in other words casino communities and fan clubs and giving them a platform to share common interests and topics. That is why users have the chance to find other casino enthusiasts, influencers or even casino providers and chains.

How do you become a casino influencer?

There are no fixed or self-imposed rules or prerequisites that limit the possibility of becoming and being an influencer. Therefore, everyone has the chance to pursue this career or hobby.

For starters, all you need is basic technical equipment as well as enthusiasm for gambling related topics to start your career and build your community. You can choose your favorite social media channel from the multitude of platforms and networks and create your individual profiles. Besides brand building, you also decide about the featured contents on your channels. Your contents can take the form of streams, videos, blogs, posts and even merchandising.

One must keep in mind that every casino enthusiast is inherently an influencer. By selecting and playing games, rating providers, and writing comments, players automatically are part of the casino community and actively influencing the gambling industry.

What does it take to become a casino influencer?

As mentioned before, you surely need basic technical equipment and real passion for gambling to become a successful online casino influencer. The equipment consists of multiple hard- and software components that will be useful in filming and streaming casino content and updating social media channels.

To provide professional recordings and streams, it is important to buy high quality cameras and microphones. Regarding livestreaming, it is important to use several cameras simultaneously. In the course of time, one can enlarge the basic set up by adding a blue or green box as well as illumination options for the purpose of improving the quality of the recordings. Initially, it is sufficient to start with the basic equipment, namely a camera, microphone as well as an internet ready device.

Besides the necessary hardware, there is also a need for special software that will benefit the content creation process. That is why streaming platforms offer software tools, namely streaming, video editor and recording tools, to help influencers. XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit VCam are especially popular amongst streaming tools.

Moreover, influencers manage and maintain a broad range of social media channels. The online profiles function as business cards that inform users about the influencers and their respective contents. Therefore, it is essential that the profiles give a good first impression, raise attention and give an overview of the key topics. Influencers should regularly maintain and update their accounts to stay relevant.

Regarding stake or bet sizes, influencers are not required to be high rollers and play with extraordinary high stakes to start a career and become a popular influencer. It is even advisable to play with small bet sizes. A huge bankroll is certainly not enough to be successful. Creativity, entertainment, and knowledge as well as sympathy and charm are the true keys to success.

Is it possible to earn a living as a casino influencer?

It certainly is possible to earn a living as an online casino influencer. The income depends on the subscriber and follower counts as well as on the exploitation of revenue sources.

Naturally, one must consider the investment in basic technical equipment prior to the first performance. A basic set up should fully suffice for the start of a career as an online casino influencer.

One possibility to generate revenue is online casino streaming. Platform providers can monetize streams and videos by placing advertisements. The streaming provider Twitch offers an affiliate program for streamers in that regard. To become a member of this program, you must fulfill the following prerequisites within a period of thirty days: You must stream on seven individual days, for at least five hundred minutes with a minimum of three viewers on average. Furthermore, you should have at least fifty followers. As mentioned before, this and similar programs generate revenues by placing advertisements. The earnings hinge on the number of subscriptions, the individually arranged conditions as well as the agreed sponsorship contracts.

Influencers have the option to take on sponsoring and advertising deals separately from the streaming platform offers. For instance, code and affiliate link sharing as well as new customer acquisition can result in lucrative compensatory measures.

Moreover, followers have the option to support their favorite influencers by sending them a monetary renumeration in return for the exciting entertainment. Social media accounts offer donation buttons and functions for this particular purpose. In addition to the donation, fans can also support influencers by buying merchandize products.

One should also keep in mind that the renumeration will not necessarily be paid out in monetary form. Many online casino providers offer so called streamer exclusive bonuses, VIP programs, promotional gifts, or discount codes. Again, the scope of the offerings is related to the outreach and follower count.

Lastly, there is always the chance to win prizes or hit a jackpot whilst playing and streaming online casino games and creating posts.

How do you become a famous casino influencer?

As mentioned before, there are no major obstacles in the process of starting a career as an influencer. Still, you will need more than the basic technical set up to become a famous online casino influencer.

Popular influencers are characterized by a unique and distinctive demeanor and appearance. Authenticity and charisma are key factors regarding the necessary qualities. To become a real representative of the online gambling world, influencers should display interest and passion for all casino related topics. In addition, influencers should get followers enthusiastic about those topics and impress them with their individual gambling and entertainment styles. Content creators should be approachable, communicative, and not afraid to show their emotions. Moreover, it is important to have a likeable personality and unique features that distinguish you from others. Only frankness and candidness can secure the followers’ loyalty.

Additionally, entertainment plays a key part in becoming a famous influencer. The provided content must be informative and entertaining at the same time. It is essential to keep the contents interesting and varied by adding creative or spectacular topics and events. When it comes to being a successful internet personality, consistency in posting and streaming is key.

Communication and interaction are crucial factors to the proper functioning of an active community. The direct exchange between community members allows the development of long-lasting friendships. Influencers should always incorporate their communities in their personal gaming experience through mutual discussions, events, and votes. Accordingly, followers should be renumerated for their effort and subscriptions with fan meetings, sweepstakes, and competitions amongst other rewards.

Another key trait of popular influencers is professionalism. Influencers should have basic information technology skills and the ability to manage their social media presence. Values like transparency and frankness are also important parts of the overall professional attitude.

What is casino streaming and what are casino streamers?

Online casino streamers enhance the individual gaming experience by adding exciting and varied entertainment. Streamers present and review online casino providers and games in livestreams and communicate with their viewers in live chats. This constant interaction makes every livestream unique and allows building relationships within the communities. The constant exchange between community members and streamers makes streaming a social and international event. Due to the vast selection of games, streamers can easily offer a full range of creative and interesting contents. Streamers are also influencers as they make an impact on the online gambling industry by making comments, writing reviews, and influencing viewers.

Viewers can directly take part in livestreams, more precisely in discussions, votes and even sweepstakes by using live chats. No matter if active participant or silent observer, followers automatically become members of the online casino community.

Are you looking for a captivating livestream? Then check out the livestreaming channel of our GambleBoost streamers and find interesting and versatile online casino content! Click here to visit the GambleBoost channel.

Where can I watch casino streams?

Online casino streams can be found on platforms that allow the streaming of online games. Naturally, online casino streaming is subject to the internal streaming guidelines of the respective platforms.

Twitch is the market leading platform regarding online casino streaming. The website offers a broad range of influencers and streamers as well as a wide selection of streams and game genres. The lively interaction between streamers and viewers and the use of various chat commands and functions makes the streaming experience particularly exciting.

The online video platform YouTube is another provider that offers casino content and the option to livestream and post videos. Moreover, there are multiple possibilities to interact with the community.

The social media providers Instagram, Twitter and TikTok also take part in the livestreaming trend. The platforms offer the functions Instagram Live, live videos on Twitter and TikTok Live to livestream on the go.

The social media platform Facebook offers Facebook Gaming. This unique feature gives you access to a multitude of games and online gaming in general.

Finally, there are also online streaming providers apart from common social media platforms. Providers, for instance CasinoGrounds, solely concentrate on online casino contents, the presentation of current news and deals and the option to host online casino influencers and livestreams.

When can I watch casino streams?

Due to the multitude of international streaming providers and offers, it is possible to watch intriguing livestreams around the clock. It is quite common for streamers to start their livestreams in the afternoon or even in the evening hours.

Many streaming providers offer the function of setting up a streaming schedule or a countdown to the next session or event. Additionally, streamers inform their viewers about the latest streaming dates on their social media channels.

In the case of missing an eventful stream, it is always possible to watch a recording of the stream or an edited highlight video on the streaming platforms.

Are there streams for every casino game genre?

The selection of online casino streams as well as the range of game genres are enormous and constantly growing. Roulette, blackjack, poker, or online slots – Every casino enthusiast will certainly find a worth seeing stream on the various streaming platforms. Slots are especially popular amongst casino games as they guarantee a fast paced and varied course of play and entertainment.

Regarding slot machines, casino novices can easily join the gaming experience and livestreams without any prior knowledge of the game rules. Streamers do not have to continuously pay attention to the play process, which gives them the chance to engage with their audiences and focus on interaction and entertainment.

Which casino games do streamers play the most often?

Amongst the substantial number of games, slots are the most popular genre of online casino games. This statement also applies to the game selection for livestreaming. Naturally, games with high return to player rates are usually the most played games in livestreaming sessions. The so called RTP rate, in other words the payout ratio, should at least amount to 95 percent. The chances of winning increase in relation to the percentage growth of the RTP rate. The achievement of a big win is not only exciting and entertaining but also the highlight of any casino stream. The most popular online casino slots are Starburst, Book of Dead, Razor Shark and The Dog House.

Do streamers play with stakes?

Most streamers do play with stakes and money amounts in online casinos. Still, there are streamers that exclusively play with bonus balances. In the case of failing to disclose this information, the ladder gaming option is considered a deliberate deception of the audience. Instead of becoming a so-called fake streamer, it is better to resort to small money amounts and bet sizes.

Which casinos do streamers play in?

Players should always choose a reputable, licensed and thoroughly assessed online casino provider. Therefore, streamers should only present and promote games and providers that meet these requirements. Other than these key prerequisites, there are no limits to the selection of an online casino. Due to the multitude of provider presentations and reviews, it should be quite easy for viewers to choose a suitable provider.

Our GambleBoost team would like to help you with the selection of games and online casinos as well. Take a look at our online casino reviews and find providers that fit your personal gaming style!

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