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Online Casinos with No Deposit Bonus

Welcome, dear Boosters, to the most popular topic we have in the world of online casinos. No deposit bonus casinos, the casinos that are so generous, they just give you money for free – or do they. We are always looking for No Deposit Casinos. Whenever we find one, you will see it here in our toplist.

What is a No Deposit Casino?

A no deposit casino is a casino that let’s you play games without you having to deposit money. Most online casinos have welcome bonus programs, and some of them offer you a prize just for registering.

This prize can come in form of a cash bonus in your player account, or it can come in the form of a number of free spins at certain slot machines. They can also be cashbacks and sometimes special bonuses. You will find an explanation in more detail on our No Deposit Bonus page.

Of course, these bonuses are very popular among players, since you are literally playing for free. However, if you claim this bonus, you might miss out on another bonus. Let me explain.


No Deposit Casinos vs Deposit Casinos

In most casinos, as we said, you will be offered a welcome package for registering and depositing the first time. These packages usually consist of a welcome bonus, a bonus match, and a set of free spins.

For example, an online casino with a 100% up to €200 + 50 FS welcome package will give you a maximum of €200 if you deposit the same amount of money – hence the 100% bonus match. On top of that, you will receive 50 free spins at slot machines which will be pointed out to you by the casino.

In a no deposit casino, you might get the same thing plus a cash bonus that you don’t need to deposit for, or the casino will tell you that you can get either the regular or the no deposit bonus. This means that if you choose the free money, you cannot get the regular welcome package.

You also need to take into account that a free bonus is much smaller than a regular one, for the simple reason that online casinos don’t have money to just give away, just like any other company. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, remember?

So, if you want to play in a No Deposit Casino, you need to be aware of the differences compared to regular casinos and decide which one suits you better.


How to find a No Deposit Casino

When an online casino decides to offer a bonus without deposit, you will be hard-pressed to miss it. The casino is going to use that bonus as a spearhead of their marketing. So, wherever you see a casino promotion, the no deposit offer will be in the centre of it. No Deposit Casinos T&Cs may vary from the ones of other casinos, so make sure you read them first before you register.

To make things easier for you, we are presenting the best No Deposit Casinos on this page. Choose one of them and you can also be sure to deal with a legitimate, compliant, and licenced online casino.


Registering in a No Deposit Casino

The registration process is the same as everywhere else. Click on your chosen online casino here on GambleBoost, and we’ll get you straight to the registration. There, you will go through the following steps.

1. Enter your personal data, choose your player’s name and your payment method.

2. If a free bonus is optional, you need to tick a box to confirm you want to claim that free money.

3. Read the T&Cs to find out which online slots are connected to the free bonus in your No Deposit Casino.

If you need more information, go to our casinos main page, where we will present the registration process in more detail.


Requirements in No Deposit Casinos

All bonuses and bonus packages come with requirements that you must meet to be eligible for them. No Deposit Casinos are no exception.

Game Selection

You will not be able to choose from all slots that the casino has, but from a selection of them. The casino will point out to you which slots you can play with your free bonus money.

Wagering Limits

There will also be a maximum limit to your wagers. If you get €10 for free, you won’t be allowed to wager all of that on a single spin. More likely, the No Deposit Casino will tell you that you can’t wager more than €1 on a spin.


You cannot pay out winnings from playing free spins. If you get lucky enough to harvest a profit from your bonus, this money will have to be re-wagered a specific number of times before you can withdraw any.

No Jackpots

You will also not be allowed to wager your bonus at jackpot slots, because imagine you land a big win, you would still have to wager the winnings again, and that would take a really long time.

Minimum Deposit

Since you don’t have to deposit money when you register with a No Deposit Casino, this is only a secondary concern for you, but once you do want to deposit money on your player’s account, there will be a minimum sum that you have to transfer. Don’t worry, though, the minimum is usually somewhere between 10 and 20 Euro, dollar, or pounds.


Casinos with No Deposit Bonus FAQ

We have researched the most important questions regarding No Deposit Casinos to help you get going:

Can I play in a No Deposit Casino from my country?

No Deposit Casinos exist all over the world. Despite every country having their own jurisdiction – and some countries have very strict ones – there is almost no legal ground to forbid No Deposit Casinos. But to be perfectly safe, we will only show you casinos on this page that you are eligible to register with.

Best No Deposit Casinos for UK players
If you live in Britain, No Deposit Casinos are waiting for you with open arms. You can choose freely from our list without asking yourself if these casinos are allowed to operate where you live. We will only show you No Deposit Casinos that are open to British players.

Best No Deposit Casinos for US players
If you live in the United States, you probably already have dollar signs in your eyes. Luckily for you, there is a range of No Deposit Casinos you can sign up for. Enjoy your welcome package to the fullest.

Best No Deposit Casinos for Irish players
Quite often, Ireland does things differently from Britain just because they can. Not in this case, however, since you can play in No Deposit Casinos from Ireland without any problem.

Are No Deposit Casinos legal?


How can I find the Best No Deposit Casinos?

You already have. Pick any one from this page, and you’re good to go.

Are their requirements in a No Deposit Casino?

Yes. There will be a maximum wager limit so you can’t spend your free money all in one spin.

Can I withdraw my winnings?

No. You will have to play with your winnings again for several times before you can ask for a withdrawal. Check the T&Cs.

Can I play any game in a No Deposit Casino?

Yes, but not with your bonus money. Every casino allocates a range of slots to a certain bonus, so you will have to choose from that range.

Is there a time limit in a No Deposit Casinos?

Likely yes. Make sure you use your bonus money before the bonus offer expires. Check the T&Cs.

Do you have more questions? Consult the GambleBoost Wiki for answers to all of them.