There are messy breakups, and then there is whatever is going on between xQc and Adept. Adept accuses xQc of paying money to Twitch mods for sex. We could describe their fallout as being toxic, but we don’t want Toxic to write us a strongly worded email informing us they will be suing us for […]
Join us in the fun-filled world of Play’n GO’s Piggy Blitz Free Slot. Are you a saver or a spender? It doesn’t matter because this coin and piggy bank-themed slot welcomes every type of slot player regardless of the size of their bankroll. This piggy bank themed slot machine, which debuted on September 21, 2023, […]
Take a journey into the heart of the jungle with the free slot Beasty Blox GigaBlox, the latest creation by Yggdrasil in partnership with Jelly. Released on September 21, 2023, this jungle adventure promises an unparalleled gaming experience. Get ready to explore the wild world of GigaBlox and meet fierce creatures that control the reels. […]
Ahoy, me hearties! A Swashbuckling Slot Adventure Slot awaits. Join the adventure with Yggdrasil and Bulletproof Gaming in Blackbeard Battle of the Seas. September witnessed the dropping of this particular anchor, setting sail for an exciting voyage across the reels in search of lost riches. Brace yourselves for a world of surprises, from special enhancements […]
Ever asked yourself how to win a slots tournament? – Casino enthusiasts tend to be highly attracted to slot games since they offer great excitement and require no expertise to play. The upsurge of slot game popularity in the eighties also resulted in the proliferation of slot tournaments. In fact, many slots tournaments online exist […]
Ice Poseidon pays for female escort and Kick Adopts Stricter Guidelines – wonder how these two things are connected? Kick streamer Ice Poseidon allegedly agreed to pay a stranger $500 to hire a female escort and film the interaction. The shall we say, “arrangement” with the escort was filmed during his livestream, which resulted in […]
Popular dating platform Tinder recently released a premium plan that promises to improve users’ chances with the most “sought after” members and lets them DM people they have not matched with – the new Tinder Select $499 premium membership. The only obstacle here is that this membership is reserved for Tinder’s one percent and costs […]
Step into the untamed world of Kangaroo King and experience the wild beauty of the Australian outback. This slot whisks you away to a rugged and mesmerizing landscape where kangaroos roam free. Amidst the red desert and under the vast blue sky, a thrilling adventure awaits. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this […]
Greetings from the Asian-themed realm of 8 Golden Dragon Challenge, a Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom slot machine. This slot combines elements of Chinese culture with the symbolism of the number 8 and the might of dragons. With three unique ways to play, it offers something for everyone. 8 Golden Dragon Challenge Slot Visual and […]
Popular streamer Adin Ross recently broke all Kick streaming records after successfully fooling fans into believing he was going to interview Kim Jong Un. According to Stream Charts, 333,506 fans were watching live when he interviewed the fake North Korean Supreme Leader. Ross is known to be a controversial online personality; his stunts and pranks […]
Dive into the enchanting world of Temple of Prosperity, an Asian-themed slot by Play’n GO. This innovative slot features a scatter-pays system that promises captivating gameplay. Its serene visual design and high volatility offer an engaging experience for players seeking substantial rewards. Explore this tranquil yet thrilling slot adventure today! Visual and Sound Step into […]
Prepare for an epic journey to ancient Greece with “Hercules 10K Ways,” a sensational creation by ReelPlay and Yggdrasil. This online slot ventures into the legendary tales of Hercules, where you’ll encounter mythical beasts, cascading wins, and boundless opportunities to be on the end of some significant payouts. Game Mechanics Hercules 10K Ways presents a […]

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