In the past few years, the number of casino and sports fantasy apps in India has grown substantially. Investors in India are always on the lookout for the next big sports betting application or online poker software. The country, after all, is home to the Indian Premier League, a cricket competition among one of the […]
If you are just learning about Andrew Tate since his arrest in Romania for alleged human trafficking, then you are probably unaware of how famous he is. Did you know, for example, that he was the most googled man on earth last year? The manosphere is a vast subculture that primarily exists on the internet, […]
Typically, who votes for who is the only thing that matters on voting day. On this occasion, though, how someone decided to express their vote left an impression on everybody as the 118th Congress elected a new speaker of the house – or tried to. As Rep. Jared Huffman voted for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, he […]
A White Label casino is essentially a software solution in the iGaming community that provides online casinos with a cost-effective means of launching their site. Online casinos require licenses from Gambling Commissions to launch their platform and gain iGaming products from prominent software providers in the industry. The process itself can take time and cost […]
Casino streamers are looking for an alternative platform after Amazon-owned Twitch tightened its limits on gambling content. This begs the question, “Which site will fill the void?” The Twitch Ban on Unlicensed Gambling-related Content The restriction kicked in officially on October 18, following an announcement in September. This policy was introduced after a recent scandal […]
The gambling industry continues to place more emphasis on how to play in a responsible manner and where to seek help if needed. This year marks the fifth annual Safer Gambling Week, and it features a flurry of safer gaming messaging across different platforms in an effort to start a national dialogue about gambling responsibly. […]