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How can I find the best Online Casino Bonus?

When you look at our toplist, you’ll see a bonus offer next to every name. These are the welcome bonus offers. They describe the best possible bonus you can collect from an online casino.

However, the welcome bonus is just one of several different bonuses that casinos offer. This means that the highest welcome bonus doesn’t automatically mean that the corresponding casino is also the best bonus casino. That depends on the whole package of bonus offers.

What are the most important Bonus Types?

There is a list of different bonus types that almost every online casino has in store. These are the main bonus types and what they mean:

– Welcome Bonus – As we mentioned above, the welcome bonus is the first thing you encounter when looking at an online casino. It is basically their way to promote themselves, and it is your entry ticket into the world of online casinos.

The welcome bonus usually consists of two parts – a lump sum and a percentage. The percentage tells you how much of your first deposit will be matched as a bonus by the casino, while the lump sum tells you the maximum bonus you can get.

Some online casinos offer a variety of welcome bonuses. Thus, it is very important that you check the T&Cs as well as the different options you might have. There are also casinos that offer full welcome packages, meaning that you will not only get a bonus on your first deposit, but also on the second, third, and sometimes fourth. Make sure to check out casino bonus packages in detail. GambleBoost recommendation: Check out all the different sorts of the best online casino welcome bonuses.


– No Deposit Bonus – The online casino no deposit bonus is everybody’s darling, because it literally means you get money to play with for free. A no deposit bonus does not come with a percentage connected to it, because it is a one-time free cash bonus that will be credited to your account just for registering with the respective casino.

Naturally, the no deposit casino is much lower than the regular welcome bonus. No casino gives away a lot of money for free. However, if you are looking for online casinos with no deposit bonuses, you can find them here at GambleBoost. No deposit bonuses really have no strings attached, so take the money and play!


– Non-Sticky Bonus – Most casino bonuses have certain requirements connected to them. You might not be able to withdraw any winnings, for example, or you have to re-wager the bonus money several times before it becomes available. Not the non-sticky bonus, though! This bonus is not connected to any conditions. You can even withdraw the deposit you used to collect that bonus, because the two don’t “stick”. You won’t have to care about minimum or maximum bets either.

This type of bonus is relatively new and obviously much better for players than an “ordinary” welcome bonus, so find your non-sticky bonus here. If you play from the United Kingdom: congrats, because the legislation in the UK doesn’t allow sticky bonuses for reasons of player protection.


– Free Spins Bonus – Currently, the Free Spins Bonus is the top seller among the casino bonuses. This is no surprise because nobody needs to read a lot of T&Cs to understand how the bonus works. No rules, no wagers, nothing. You get a lot of free spins, what’s not to like?

The answer is – nothing. Check out the number of free spins your next casino offers and go. The only thing you need to find out is which slots are connected to the bonus. It won’t be your free choice, but there will be a range of slots to choose from.

Free spins bonuses are often offered at different times, so they are not just a welcome bonus thing. Regularly check the promotions page of your casino, they’ll be featured there.


– Cashback Bonus – Cashback bonuses have also become a regular part of many online casino portfolios. The name is pretty much self-explanatory. Cashback bonuses are like a payback system that you might have seen in supermarkets, gas stations or with plenty of other sellers.

The idea is to cut people’s losses. An online casino will permanently monitor how well you do. If you win, fine, congratulations. But if you lose, it is important to stay in control so you don’t lose more than you can afford.

To compensate for part of your losses, online casinos will transfer some of your money back to your account. This can happen on a weekly, monthly, or irregular basis. You can find the best online casinos with cashback bonuses here on GambleBoost.


– Loyalty Bonus – No matter if it is a restaurant, pub, gym, club, or your local bakery, if you are a regular somewhere, you’ll notice that you’ll sometimes get some form of VIP treatment. A little something for free here, something extra there, you know what I mean.

Online casinos are no different. If you play there regularly, they will notice and reward you for it. Loyalty bonuses in casinos can come in different forms – they can be cash bonuses, free spins, invitations to tournaments, and many other things.

It doesn’t matter what level you play and how big your wagers are, but if you play regularly, your online casino will pleasantly surprise you one fine day.


– Refer-a-Friend Bonus – Obtaining and retaining customers are prime goals for every online casino. The Refer-a-Friend Bonus is an online casino’s way to make you promote it to your friends. Because if you like it, why wouldn’t you recommend it to someone who also likes gambling?

Casinos with Refer-a-Friend bonuses will reward you with a lump sum bonus if you bring someone to said casino and make them register. Your friend can tell the casino they came here because of you while registering, after which the casino will get back to you and send you your reward.


– Reload Bonus – Casinos with Reload bonuses will reward you every time you make a deposit. The reload bonus works the same way as the welcome bonus. You load your account with money to play with, and the casino adds some extra just for you.

Check out the T&Cs or the promotion page of your favorite online casino to see how high the bonus matches are, so you can make sure your money is worth a little more than face value. Reload bonuses are usually not time-sensitive, so you can claim them as many times as you like.


– Live Casino Bonus – Do you like playing games with real dealers you can interact with? Then this is the bonus for you. Games like Blackjack and Roulette in particular are more fun to play if there are real people at the tables. Casinos with Live Bonus have responded to that and offer bonuses only for live games.

The great thing about live casino is that you basically get your own private dealer – or croupier – to roll the ball or deal the cards for you. It is a more intimate way of playing, and it’s obviously much closer to the real deal. Thus, live games have become very popular among the online gaming community.


– Sportsbook Bonus – Large operators often run a sportsbook besides their online casinos. If you are interested in sports betting as well, take a closer look, because the sports betting bonus might vary greatly from the casino bonus program.

Casinos with sports betting bonuses will offer you free bets or money back guarantees for losing bets. These are nice bonuses, too, but watch out, if you take it, you might not be eligible for a casino bonus anymore, if both run on just one user account.


– Exclusive Bonus – Exclusive bonuses come in different forms and at different times. An exclusive bonus from a specific casino can refer to that casino offering us a better bonus than they do on their own homepage.

GambleBoost is a platform for gamblers and thus very important for online casinos. So important in fact, that they will sometimes offer our users better conditions than their own.


– Public Holiday Bonus – Online casinos love public holidays just as much as you do. People have more spare time during these, so the casinos would like them to spend that time with them. Consequently, online casinos like to offer special bonuses and promotions during these special times.

You will always find public holiday bonuses for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and even St. Patrick’s Day. The last one in this list is really just a public holiday in Ireland, but since Irish people live everywhere – and a lot of them in the US – the celebrations of that day have caught on all around the world.

Christmas is especially important, because some casinos will offer Christmas calendars, giving you up to 24 chances to win a bonus within a month!


– Special Events Bonus – The best example for this is the Football World Cup. Whenever this is on, online casinos will jump on the occasion and offer special bonuses related to it. The same thing might happen when the Super Bowl is on or the NBA finals.

Obviously, these bonuses are temporary, so make sure to check the promotions ahead of time.


What are Casinos without a Welcome Bonus?

There are casinos that don’t offer any bonus at all, and there are players who prefer it that way. You might call them purists. Casinos without welcome bonus are a little less flashy and feel more to the point. Also, when you play without bonus programs, you don’t have to check the small print and worry if you play enough to redeem bonuses. Some players are just not bothered about bonuses and only want to look at games instead of rules.

Overall, if you are a recreational player who like to sit down for a while and play some games, casino bonuses are a benefit for you. Here is an overview about the upsides and downsides:

– Advantages of Casinos Bonuses

1. Free Money – A bonus is free cash in your account, so what’s not to like? You can’t take out the bonus money, but if you’re not in an online casino to play, then why go there anyway?

2. New games – If you are hesitant about playing a new game, use your bonus money to do so. This way, you have nothing to lose if you don’t like it, and if you do, even better.

3. No Risk – As mentioned above, playing with bonus money bears no risk for your bankroll, so it’s great to use to for games where you might not know all the rules.

4. Better Experience – Combine all of the above, and you’ll see. Risk-free gaming with a chance to win money and maybe collecting points for further bonuses may give you a longer, more pleasant gambling experience.

5. Better Chances – Casinos like to add special odds, prizes, or surprises to bonus programs. You can get invited to casino tournaments, and you might be in for a sudden cashback.

– Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses

1. Bonus Requirements – Most bonuses don’t come for free. You need to meet certain conditions to be eligible.

2. Time Frame – Welcome packages have a limited shelf life. You need to meet the requirements within a specific time.

3. Minimum and Maximum Bets – You can’t always wager your limit to be eligible for a bonus.

4. Limited Cashouts – If you get lucky and score a big win, you might not be able to use that money outside the casino.


How to choose the best Casino Bonus for you:

The question which casino bonus is best for you can only be answered by yourself. It depends on what your favorite games are, how high you want to play, how often you want to play, and even on where you live.

Online Casinos offer numerous different bonuses and bonus packages, so you need to get familiar with them. Make up your mind if you want to go for as many free spins as possible, a high deposit bonus or maybe a more long-term perspective with a high match bonus.

Today, slots make up for the lion’s share of online players’ favorite games, but if you prefer to play classic table games like Roulette or traditional card games like Blackjack or Baccarat you won’t be disappointed either.


Most important Terms for Casinos and Bonuses:

When you are comparing the bonuses of different casinos, you will keep coming across the same technical terms describing their values. These are the most important ones:

– Bonus Match / Match Bonus – This tells you how much money the casino will match for your bonus. For example, a 100% bonus match means that if you transfer €/£ 100 to your casino account, the casino will add another €/£ 100, so you have twice as much to play with.

Remember though, you can’t withdraw that bonus money, you will have to wager it. Still, every Euro is worth twice its value in a casino with 100% bonus match.


– Welcome Bonus – This number tells you the maximum of what an online casino is willing to offer. These numbers can get as high as €/£ 1500 or more, but be aware that only high rollers are likely to be able to use the full bonus in such a case.

If you are a recreational player, it is probably better for you to look for welcome bonuses around €/£ 100-200, so you will actually be able to benefit from them. Also, bonus packages can make a difference.


– Bonus Packages – Some online casinos split their welcome offering into several parts. This is usually done by offering bonuses not only on one deposit, but several. Welcome packages can even consist of four or five different bonuses across several new deposits.

Casinos that offer bonuses on more than one new deposit will not always offer the same bonus match for each one. You might get 100% bonus match for your first deposit, 50% bonus match for the second, and 75% for the third. Check the bonus page of your casino to learn the details of their bonus deals.


– FS – Quite often these days, you’ll see a bonus that looks something like this: 100% up to €150 + 250 FS. The abbreviation FS stands for Free Spins, so this casino would offer you 250 free spins on their online slots.

You can’t just pick any slot machine to use your FS for, but every casino will present you with a whole range of different games where you can use free spins on. Most of these will be slots, but some casinos include other casino games to the package, too.


– Bonus Requirements – Almost every casino bonus is connected to the so-called bonus requirements. These requirements define what exactly you need to do to fully redeem a bonus. There are a few different elements here that you need to watch.

The wagering requirements tell you how much money you need to wager in relation to the bonus until the casino credits your account with the full bonus amount. There can also be maximum or minimum limits for how much you can wager per round of whichever game you play.


– Regional Bonuses – Casino Bonuses are generally not limited to certain countries. However, some countries – for example Germany – have legal limits on how much you can deposit, wager, and pay out. Casinos must abide by the laws of any country they offer their games in, so they adjust the bonus programs correspondingly.

Also, not every casino is available in every country. Casinos that acquire new licenses to operate in a country where they couldn’t in the past might celebrate this with a regional bonus.

For example, if an online casino manages to enter the US market, they might offer a special casino bonus for US players just to attract players from that country.


What are Casino Promotions?

Online casinos want as many players as possible, so they constantly try to give you incentives to come back. Classic online casino promotions are:

– Drops & Wins: All you have to do here is play. The casino will randomly drop prizes on any given player.

– Time Missions: These promotions are only available for a limited time. You have to hurry!

– Game Promotions: Casinos may feature new or special games with extra promotions. You’ll have to play a specific game to benefit from this bonus.

– Weekly and Monthly Bonuses: These will be credited to your account automatically. Nothing you need to do here.


What are the most Popular Games to play with a Casino Bonus?

– Slots – Slot machines are by far the most popular games in online casinos, and that also applies to bonus games. Here are some popular slots players love to play with their bonus money (Attention: You cannot use jackpot slots for your bonus money, because that might interfere with a casino’s bonus T&Cs.):

Shark Time – This 5×3 reels slot became popular very quickly after its release in July 2022. It is often used for bonus games because of its low volatility, giving players a longer gaming experience with less risk to lose. You can find this game for example at the Slots Palace casino.

Holy Hand Grenade – This is an action packed 6×5 reels slot machine with 20 pay lines that gives you lots of opportunities to win. All the hand grenades are wilds, so collect enough of them, and your account is going to explode. Play the Holy Hand Grenade at LeoVegas.

Vikings Go Wild – Slots with Viking themes are among the best-liked in the online casino world – and beyond, as several TV shows and Movies have shown in the recent past. Vikings go Wild is a simple 5×4 reels machine with a great 3D background for a great playing experience. You can find Vikings go Wild at Neon54 casino.

Gates of Hades – Greek mythology is also a fascinating topic, which you can see in the online casino industry, too, as there are plenty of slot machines based around it. Gates of Olympus is a 6×5 action reel machine, but watch out, this one has very high volatility. This means it can take a while before you go on a winning streak, but once you do, oh my Zeus. You can play Gates of Olympus at Justbit casino, among others.

Terminator 2 – This is one of the best slot machines inspired by film of all times. The imagery and atmosphere of James Cameron’s blockbuster classic is so vivid, it will make you feel like the first time you saw the movie. Terminator 2 is a medium volatility 5×3 machine with plenty of bonus features, making it ideal for beginners. If you want to play Terminator 2, go for example to Lapalingo. Hasta la vista, baby!

– Blackjack – Yes, you can play the most popular casino card game to redeem your bonus. Not in every casino, but in most of them. If you have never played Blackjack, this is a great chance to check it out. The rules of Blackjack are simple, the game is fast-paced, and the odds are simple: They are either 2:1 or 3:2. You can find Blackjack in every casino on GambleBoost.

– Roulette – The most classic of all casino games must be on this list, too. Roulette is like a lottery, with some added features. Nothing you need to learn here. Open a table and even if you never played online roulette, you’ll learn it in two minutes.

– Casino Poker – There are plenty of poker variants in an online casino, the most popular being Caribbean Stud, 3 Card Poker, Ultimate Hold’em and, of course, video poker. You can play any of these with your bonus money.

– Other Casino Games – All online casinos offer small casino games, like Plinko or Pachinko. Rush Games like Aviator are also sometimes allowed to use with bonus money. All these games are pure gambling, meaning they don’t require any knowledge. Just make your bet and hope for the best.


A Short Guide to Finding your Best Casino Bonus:

Follow these steps to find the casino bonus that works best for you.

1. Find a licensed casino. Since all casinos on GambleBoost are tried and tested, you can freely choose any of the casinos you find in our top lists.

2. Look for a casino with a “reasonable” bonus. Unless you’re a high roller, it is probably not advisory for you to go for a >1000€ bonus. You will find it hard to redeem.

3. Check for the free spins. Everybody loves free spins, so make sure the casino you choose offers them.

4. Take a look at the full bonus program. Maybe your casino doesn’t offer many free spins in the welcome package but offers them regularly in monthly or weekly promotions. Also, get an overview over all the different bonuses the casinos offer and see which fits you best.

5. Check the bonus requirements. Make sure you’ll be able to follow them, so that you can reap the full benefits of the bonus program.

6. Once you’ve gone through with fully redeeming your online casino welcome bonus package, come back here and repeat.


Casino Bonus FAQ

What casino bonus is best for new players?

As a new player, you should look for a casino bonus with high match and a good number of free spins.

How do online casino bonuses work?

Casino bonuses are usually cash gifts from online casinos. Their size depends on how much you play and how much you wager.

Do I need an online casino bonus code?

Casino bonus codes have pretty much gone out of fashion. They are sometimes used for promotions, but today, you can get your casino bonus without having a bonus code.

Can I withdraw my casino bonus?

No. Bonus money is meant for playing. You can wager it on anything you like, but you cannot take it home. Some casinos allow withdrawals of bonus winnings. These are called casinos with sticky bonuses.

Are there taxes on casino bonuses?

No. Whatever you win in an online casino is yours. It’s not the government’s business, and the authorities cannot tax any casino winnings.