Jake Paul, once known for being the brother of Logan and a YouTuber in his own right, has spent these past years trying to convince us not only is he a capable boxer but also capable of winning a world title. n one very entertaining interview with Eddie Hearn, a renowned boxing promoter, he claimed […]
If you don’t know by now, Andrew Tate was last year’s most googled man. An extraordinary feat considering that he was practically unknown the year before. Unless you happened to be really into your kickboxing, this man really did come out of nowhere. As discussed in a previous piece we did a few months back, […]
Video and IRL streaming platforms have grown at tremendous rates in the last few years. Therefore, it is only natural that streamers and fans are still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Just as society evolves and we, on occasion, look back in horror, perhaps in the future, we will come to […]
IRL live streaming is known for its unpredictable and thrilling moments, which explains why it continues to be a popular option for both creators and viewers. The fact that all the action is happening in real-time elevates the experiences and excitement, which makes it captivating for everyone involved. But what happens when you, and a […]
You wouldn’t be wrong if you were to refer to MrBeast as the King of Youtube. Late in 2022, he surpassed Pewdiepie and flew past 100 million subscribers. With such popularity, it is nigh on impossible not to receive some level of criticism or borderline hatred. This is even the case when doing charitable acts. […]
On the 9th March, Roshtein, the longest active slot streamer took to Twitch to do what he does best, stream himself playing high stake slots. This was a significant moment for us streaming fans as for the past few months, he has spent most of his streaming hours on Kick. A new streaming platform which […]