Ice Poseidon pays for female escort and Kick Adopts Stricter Guidelines – wonder how these two things are connected? Kick streamer Ice Poseidon allegedly agreed to pay a stranger $500 to hire a female escort and film the interaction. The shall we say, “arrangement” with the escort was filmed during his livestream, which resulted in […]
Popular streamer Adin Ross recently broke all Kick streaming records after successfully fooling fans into believing he was going to interview Kim Jong Un. According to Stream Charts, 333,506 fans were watching live when he interviewed the fake North Korean Supreme Leader. Ross is known to be a controversial online personality; his stunts and pranks […]
KSI vs Tommy Fury – YouTube Star KSI is willing to Bet $1 million on himself to beat Tommy Fury in their upcoming boxing fight in October. Ahead of the upcoming October 14 boxing bout KSI vs Tommy Fury, YouTube star Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, better known as KSI, has expressed confidence in his […]
Adin Ross, North Korea, $41 million and an unconventional plan. One of the world’s most popular gambling streamers has found himself at the center of a daring proposal. Eddie Craven, the co-founder of both and rising streaming platform Kick, has suggested a unique plan to live-stream with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong […]
Kai Cenat took part in a Sidemen Charity Football match on the weekend. When a Kai Cenat goal was nullified, it made American fans ask a fundamental football question. Football – or soccer – is the most popular sport in the world. The game, for the most part, is pretty simple to understand. Whoever scores […]
Adin Ross has apologized to his viewers, admitting to (not for the first time) slipping up in his quest to stay sober. In a candid talk about his ongoing struggles with alcohol and lean, he pledged to undergo a significant transformation in the coming month. Acknowledging where he has gone wrong but outlining his desire […]