Are you tired of playing at classic slot machines with a set payout limit? If so, you might want to try Aviator. Aviator is a brand-new addition to the Lapalingo website, where players have the potential to win cash prizes with greater risk and thrill. This game is ideal for players seeking an extra dynamic […]
As with anything connected with J. K. Rowling, the release of Hogwarts Legacy brought up a lot of controversies. This time, a Twitch streaming couple known as Girlfriend Reviews was embroiled in the mess. The Backlash from Twitch Viewers The streaming platform, Twitch ran ads to promote the game, which incited a massive wave of […]
2023 ICE London brings together gaming professionals from all sectors and levels of experience to form a global network. ICE London has played a pivotal role in the growth of the worldwide gaming industry as a whole for over 20 years. From the perspective of both technology and the hospitality industry, this event is unrivaled […]
Like something out of a science fiction scene, Twitch streamer Perrikaryal played Elden ring on a recent live stream without the use of her hands. How can she possibly do this? This was the question everybody watching wanted to ask. Through the means of an electroencephalogram (EEG Device), she was able to control the actions […]
Verstappen rage quit 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual after multiple disconnections resulted in several red flags. He would later refer to the event as a “clown show.” The event brings together 180 drivers from the world of esports and professional driving. In total, 41 countries are represented, and the event takes place on 164 […]
Despite all the fun and excitement, gambling is not without its problems, and although losing money is something that should be considered a natural occurrence of gambling, this doesn’t stop people from becoming frustrated. Sure, there have been various cases of big wins, but we’ve seen many a streamer taking the L and not doing […]