xQc Wins $1.4 Million Playing Slots While Streaming – In a live broadcast on February 12, 2024, one of the world’s most famous gambling streamers, xQc, opted to play the Wild Bison Charge slot for the entertainment of his fans. Wagering an incredible $1000 per spin, it was clear that the French Canadian streamer was […]
Rapper Drake bet $1.15 Million on the Super Bowl – in part because of Taylor Swift. If you are not an NFL fan, the Super Bowl might leave you feeling a bit cold. All that build-up and half-time entertainment is certainly not for everyone, but the event’s status can’t be ignored. Non-NFL fans would have most […]
To celebrate the cream of the crop and acknowledge some of the most noteworthy moments in the world of gambling streaming this year, the first-ever Online Gambling Streamers Awards organized by Scatters Club has announced its list of winners. Over a period of 62 days, with over 176 nominated content creators hailing from every corner […]
Slots streamer Highstakesbabbyy is a relatively new content creator who saw her beginnings in the live-streaming realm in June 2023. In next to no time, the Malta-based streamer has garnered a solid following, with 2.5k followers on Twitch at the time of writing. The charismatic streamer, whose real name is Esra, likes to adopt a laidback […]
Twitch improves its partner program. The most popular streamers will also benefit the most. Twich’s partner program is undergoing significant changes that will improve its affiliate sub-split options. The program, which was introduced by the platform in June 2023, features several goals for streamers with partner status to receive a 70/30 revenue share on subscriptions. […]
How did Drake become a gambling streamer – With a net worth of approximately $250 million, Drake is one of his generation’s most commercially successful artists. With this in mind, his transition into the casino streaming sphere has been the subject of much intrigue. You might recall him associating himself with some of the biggest […]