xQc Criticizes Twitch for Hypocrisy about Nudity on Streams – In October 2022, Twitch banned gambling on their platform after several high-profile incidents pressured them to enforce tighter regulations. We have covered this particular subject many times, and naturally, opinions on this topic will vary tremendously. One of the most noted streamers whom this ban […]
Pokimane Unfollows xQc – Conflicts and controversies are not an uncommon sight among influencers in the streaming world.  This is a closer look at the drama between xQc and Pokimane. Two popular streamers, xQc and Pokimane, are at the center of online drama when xQc, known for his candid content, responded to criticism aimed at […]
Mizkif vs xQc – In a recent stream, popular Twitch streamer Mizkif claimed that fellow creator xQc had seven different hotels at the TwitchCon Las Vegas. Also, he had access to limo and butler services as a part of this agreement. Mizkif commented on xQc’s lavish display of wealth, referring to it as “mind-boggling.” It […]