xQc Criticizes Twitch for Hypocrisy about Nudity on Streams

xQc Criticizes Twitch for Hypocrisy about Nudity on Streams – In October 2022, Twitch banned gambling on their platform after several high-profile incidents pressured them to enforce tighter regulations.

We have covered this particular subject many times, and naturally, opinions on this topic will vary tremendously. One of the most noted streamers whom this ban impacted, though, has picked up on Twitch’s Nudicy policy, compared the potential harms with gambling, and questioned why there appears to be a double standard at play.

Many popular gambling streamers on Twitch were surprised by these regulations at the time, and several jumped ship to Kick, where they could continue to gamble on their streams. Many streamers who have left Twitch have spoken ill of the streaming platform on many occasions.

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Twitch’s New Regulations Regarding Nudity

Streaming platform Twitch unveiled adjustments to its community guidelines for sexual content last week. Under the new rules, streams featuring certain degrees of nudity are permitted as long as they carry the appropriate label.

This response follows the emergence of the “topless” meta, where streamers were skirting nudity rules by broadcasting topless but strategically cropping videos to display only their faces. Initially, Twitch banned these creators, but they have now shifted their stance, allowing such streams under specific conditions. 28 year old streamer xQc criticizes Twitch for hypocrisy about nudity on streams.

Woman nudity
Some streams are not what the pretend to be.

“You’re not going to gaslight everybody with ‘protect the children’ when you ban gambling on Twitch.

The whole world rallied together, made a big picket fence line and was like, ‘protect the children, please!’

And then their platform enables pole dancing, twerking, d*cks out, and drawings of actual [sexual content]. What about the children now? Where are they at now?”

The Importance Of Regulation

We were recently alerted to a shocking story regarding a famous streamer whose identity is being kept confidential for matters of sensitivity. This popular esports streamer, who has built up a significant following online, was shocked to hear from friends that a video of him emerging from the shower was circulating online. This led to the steamer making an official police report.

The origin of this has nothing to do with Twitch, but the importance of making sure this type of content is not permitted to travel through a platform the size of Twitch is of the utmost importance. In terms of consenting adults wanting to view other consenting adults’ nudity streams, it can rightly be argued that this harms no one. However, as regulations are relaxed, this could lead to more stories like this.

Since Twitch is a site that can be accessed easily by those of all ages, we are surprised the platform has made this change and will be interested to see if other streamers besides xQc will have anything to say on the matter.

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