Messi Confronts Streamer Ibai For Showing Text Conversations

Messi Confronts Streamer Ibai – Popular Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos recently had soccer superstar Lionel Messi make a surprise guest appearance on his recent livestream.

The soccer legend caused a frenzy among fans and viewers when he called Ibai out for openly showing their text messages on a previous stream.

About Ibai Llanos

Ibai Llanos Garatea is a well-known Twitch streamer and influencer. Although the streamer creates various types of content, Ibai is best recognized for his LoL (League of Legends) coverage and Just Chatting content. He is also the co-owner of the e-sports team KOI.

He is among the most popular Spanish streamers worldwide, the fourth-most followed channel according to Social Blade. With over 15.3 followers on Twitch, Ibai’s content is enjoyed by many.

Owing to his mass popularity, the content creator also has connections and friendships with famous individuals. One of these include football Goliath, Lionel Messi.

While Ibai told viewers that the two have texted in the past and also read some of their exchanged texts out loud, he recently had Messi briefly make an appearance during a stream. The streamer also went on to upload a clip of their interaction on X (formerly Twitter).

A Playful Scolding: Messi Confronts Streamer Ibai for Airing Out Their Texts

While the two conversed in Spanish, many dedicated fans translated the exchange across Reddit. Ibai started the conversation by congratulating Messi on winning the Ballon d’Or for the eighth time. While Messi did thank him, the soccer superstar did not take long to reveal that he was “pissed” at Ibai, adding that he did not appreciate what the Twitch streamer did the previous day.

When Ibai asked what Messi was referring to, he told the streamer that it was regarding an earlier stream in which Ibai shared a text conversation between the two without his consent.

Messi expressed his frustration towards Ibai, stating that he would not reply to his texts anymore because Ibai made everything public. Messi also added that he had responded to him with good vibes, but Ibai chose to air out everything, making him feel that the streamer had no sense of privacy.

Ibai responded promptly, assuring Messi that he had “erased” it and that everything was “pixelated.” Messi then made a lighthearted remark about not replying to Ibai’s texts next time and leaving him on read. Ibai then tried to shift the conversation back to Messi, asking about his feelings regarding winning the Ballon d’Or again.

However, Messi momentarily decided to ignore Ibai’s attempts to cover up the sudden awkwardness, jokingly commenting on his attempt to change the subject. Both laughed it off towards the end of the tense conversation and moved on to a different topic.

Will Messi Reappear On Ibai’s Streams Again?

It remains to be seen whether Messi will reappear in Ibai’s future streams. However, fans of the content creator and Messi have been buzzing online about this particular exchange, swarming social media with memes, debates, and opinions.