Nearly two years after his Twitch account was permanently suspended, hugely popular streamer IShowSpeed was unbanned on Twitch. He recently celebrated his ban finally being lifted. He also claimed to have changed significantly as a person since then. IShowSpeed is among the most popular live streamers on the internet. He first rose to prominence via […]
Kick Streamer Mugged During IRL Livestream – An unknown woman was seen following a Twitch streamer during an IRL stream in South Africa. At first, nothing seemed unusual, but what happened next shocked the streamer and his viewers. The stranger all of a sudden snatched a personal belonging from him and tried to make a […]
What does Adin Ross really need? Kick CEO Eddie Craven had an idea and surprised Adin Ross with a Rolls Royce for his birthday. At the start of 2023, rumors started circulating about Adin Ross, a former Twitch steamer, potentially joining rival streaming platform Kick. After streaming on both platforms for several weeks, Ross officially […]
What looked like it could end xQc’s career yesterday now led to Adept Banned by Twitch. The Twitch streamer was handed a sudden suspension on the platform in a surprising turn of events. The penalty came shortly after her recent controversy involving comments she made about her ex-partner, xQc. A long-running feud between the once-lovers […]
There are messy breakups, and then there is whatever is going on between xQc and Adept. Adept accuses xQc of paying money to Twitch mods for sex. We could describe their fallout as being toxic, but we don’t want Toxic to write us a strongly worded email informing us they will be suing us for […]
Ice Poseidon pays for female escort and Kick Adopts Stricter Guidelines – wonder how these two things are connected? Kick streamer Ice Poseidon allegedly agreed to pay a stranger $500 to hire a female escort and film the interaction. The shall we say, “arrangement” with the escort was filmed during his livestream, which resulted in […]