Mizkif, a Twitch streamer, has decided to return to One True King (OTK) following an inquiry into a possible case of sexual assault cover-up. The streamer took time away from Twitch and his role as co-founder of OTK a few months ago while the company investigated the allegations made by Adrianah Lee and CrazySlick. Lee […]
The entertainment factor that live streamers bring to the table with their unique and zealous personalities goes hand in hand with the thrill and excitement of watching them take risks and win or lose in real-time, allowing viewers to live precariously through them. The go-to for such individuals is Twitch, a live-streaming platform that has […]
If you want controversy, doing a live stream with Kanye West is a good place to start. Having someone of his fame appear on a stream means that a streamer‘s ability to reach a new audience grows significantly and has the potential to be a great career move. Also, since he is making headlines at […]
You will be forgiven for thinking that nothing can compete with the World Cup at this moment in time. However, 7 vs wild was watched by more viewers. Therefore, this begs the question of why this reality game show is so popular. What do you need to know about 7 Vs Wild? 7 vs Wild […]
TrainWrecksTV and Roshtein have shown prowess and football betting skills, and both of them scored huge payouts. The World Cup is a great time for football fans and bettors alike. Most of us might fancy betting 10 Euros here and there to add a bit of spice to a game. Some notable streamers, though, are […]
Streamers that specialize in gambling have recently risen to prominence on the video-sharing platform Twitch. In March 2022, slots surpassed both Fortnite and Dota 2 in popularity and became the ninth-most watched type of game on Twitch. There are a lot of big bets consistently placed on stream, which attracts spectators, and that’s probably why in […]