Espen, Joe, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Lamar, Nando, and Fredde
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Espen, Joe, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Lamar, Nando, and Fredde
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Who is ClassyBeef?

ClassyBeef is a team of online casino streamers. At the moment, there are eight team members. The group ClassyBeef lives and works on the island state of Malta.

The teammates are Espen, Joe, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Lamar, Nando, and Fredde. They stream online casino games in turns and in varying team combination.

The team has been streaming since the year 2019.


What is special about ClassyBeef?

The members of ClassyBeef stream around the clock. It seems like there is always someone streaming and playing the most popular slots and chatting with the followers on twitch.

By now, the team consists of eight team members. Each one has a very unique personality and gaming style that makes the streams multifaceted. In a matter of only a few months, the crew has succeeded in becoming the top 2 of the gambling streaming sector listing on the platform twitch.

What are ClassyBeef‘s biggest wins?

The listing on their website offers fans a detailed overview of ClassyBeef’s wins as well as the respective winning videos. The wins can be filtered by the categories latest and biggest wins.

One of the many grand wins was achieved by Espen in the game Chaos Crew in 2021. With a stake size of 200 $ per spin he managed to win 1,476,600 $.

The win in the online casino slot Warrior Ways was even more impressive. A 750 $ spin triggered a win of 7,500,000 $.

What content can I expect from ClassyBeef?

The team offers various tournaments on their website. Participants of the tournaments have the chance to win a particular fraction of the prize pool or more specifically of the cash prize.

Gamers can check their exact placing on the daily updated leaderboard of the tournaments on the ClassyBeef website.

There are nearly no pieces of information regarding the private life of the individual streamers. Nevertheless, the crew shows pictures of their free time activities, for instance going out and partying with their teammates on their social media channels. Furthermore, there are pictures that show the members on video shoots for their joint YouTube channel. ClassyBeef regularly fills in their audience on their streamer mansion and their everyday life as online casino influencers.

Where can I buy ClassyBeef merch?

The group ClassyBeef offers a merchandise shop on their website. The assortment of clothing is enormous. Fans can purchase hoodies, sweetshirts and t-shirts with various creative motives.

Moreover, ClassyBeef has an own StreamElements store. Viewers can buy different bonuses and invitations to sweepstakes with their StreamElements points.