Roshtein, ClassyBeef Move to

He has been away from our screens for over a month, but fans will be more than happy to know that Roshtein is now back streaming slots.

He chose the lesser know streaming platform to make his return, and despite only announcing he would be doing this hours before on Twitter, he was watched by thousands.

Perhaps this is not surprising considering his popularity, but he has already amassed 15,000 followers at the time of writing, and we expect this number to skyrocket in the coming months. Most of you are probably wondering why Roshtein decided to join the little-known streaming platform Well, he answered many of his followers’ questions in his most recent stream.

Roshtein Shows Appreciation For the Community

He started off the stream by showing appreciation for the followers who support him. You can imagine that he would have been very pleased by how loyal his fans appear to be. The chat section was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their joy that their favorite streamer is back on their screens.

He was, of course, asked what he was up to last month but didn’t give much away, suggesting that he has used the time to rewind and take it easy. Streaming is a great life, he stressed, but the whole fiasco with Twitch has led to him eating and sleeping better. He shared his stats with viewers, showing that he was basically streaming on Twitch every day of the year, so few would begrudge him some time off.

He also revealed that although he misses streaming, he doesn’t actually miss gambling that much. A very honest admission considering that is what pays the bills for him. What really did delight fans, though, was when he clarified that streaming is something he would like to do for the rest of his life.

The stream obviously went very well, with Roshtein tweeting this after.


As most of you will know by now, Twitch placed large restrictions on streamers who were gambling. Naturally, streamers with the following Roshtein have needed to look for a new home, and Roshtein has chosen

The platform is not well known, but according to Roshtein, the platform is new and fresh, and he believes it has a bright future. The website is clearly being revamped every day, and it is truly exciting to see what will happen next with the platform and if it will be an improvement upon Twitch.

The main takeaway from this is that Roshtein asked his followers to believe that he wouldn’t join a platform that he didn’t believe had a future. The site doesn’t even have an app for now, but we can only presume that this will be on the horizon.

Could Other Influences Follow Roshtein?

At this moment in time, it would be completely speculative, but it is easy to presume that someone with the influence of Roshtein will lead to many other top streamers joining the platform. As alluded to earlier, many streamers will now be looking for a new home. This place needs first to be friendly to steamers who are gambling and also have the capability of hosting the world’s most popular streamers.

Why Could be a Success

One other notable streamer on the platform is classybeef. Interestingly they have been streaming from casino, so it is clear that this platform is also crypto-friendly. This apparent lack of restrictions will make the site very appealing to gambling streamers as they are unlikely to run into another Twitch-like situation.

Another thing streamer enthusiasts will, without doubt, love are the direct links. If you follow Roshtein on Twitter, he is likely to share a direct link, which means you can view his stream within seconds.

The future success of is very much a mystery, but we are certain that are delighted that streamers such as Roshtein and classybeef have given them his full backing.