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Who is Xposed?

Cody Burnett aka Xposed is a Canadian gamer and online casino streamer.

His YouTube channel, on which he posts videos of slot bonus wins and recordings of his blackjack gaming, has been up since 2017. In between playing online casino games, Cody also streams other titles, for example Call Of Duty, on

What is also known about his private life is that Cody currently lives with his fiancée Shania and his son Linkin in Ontario, Canada.


What is special about Xposed?

Right from the start it is evident that Xposed entered the online casino streaming industry at a very young age. But this did not stop him from becoming one of the most successful online casino influencers.

Gaming was something Burnett grew fond of at a very early age. In his school days, he discovered the game Call Of Duty, which he still plays and streams.

His streaming style seems relatively relaxed, apart from the occasional freakout over huge wins. Cody shows his personality when he talks and interacts with his followers. Unlike other online casino influencers, Xposed gives his viewers an insight into his private life and family.

Not only does Xposed play a wide range of online slots, but he also enjoys playing live online table games such as poker and blackjack. This makes his casino streaming extraordinarily diverse.

What are Xposed’s biggest wins?

Xposed’s biggest win to date was achieved on the slot game Hot Fiesta in 2021. In 27 free spins, the streamer managed to win a staggering 4,718,280 $.

Furthermore, one can regularly witness spectacular wins in his bonus hunts. Winnings of several thousand dollars are quite common on Xposed’s channels.

What content can I expect from Xposed?

Xposed’s channel offers viewers slots and online casino content with bonus hunts and tournaments. In addition to that, table games, especially blackjack videos, can be found on his twitch channel.

The online casino streamer announces his videos and casino streams as well as the latest merchandise on his website. Furthermore, Burnett offers his viewers an overview on slot tournaments and casino lotteries.

Another feature of his channel is his team of streamers under the name Xposers, which provides casino content and entertainment by streaming online casino games around the clock.

Moreover, there is a multitude of video clips of the online casino stream highlights on his second YouTube channel.

Where can I buy Xposed merch?

Xposed hosts a website for merch.