Xposed spends $30,000 on Maple Leafs Tickets for Fans Who Can’t Afford them

Cody Burnett, AKA Xposed, has recently made news for his charitable contribution towards Toronto Maple Leaf’s supporters. Cody recently started purchasing playoff tickets for the purpose of giving them to those who otherwise couldn’t afford to go.

Burnett claims that once he was financially stable, he started to realise just how much playoff tickets cost. He wanted to show his appreciation for the team’s devoted following and knows too well the feeling of not being able to afford such events. Although the market is the determining factor regarding how much the tickets will be worth, playoff tickets have now become affordable to a very small percentage of the population.

The method by which Burnett selects social media followers is not random. He keeps an eye out for those who might benefit from receiving some good news. His fiancee and his son, who is three years old, are sometimes allowed to choose a fan for him. As you can see from the tweet above, he has contributed to a very significant day in a young couple’s life.

Burnett has donated between 35 and 40 tickets, valued at approximately $30,000, so far. This means that, on average, each playoff ticket would set a fan back between $800-$900. No wonder the majority of fans are unable to attend their team’s biggest games of the year.

Obtaining Tickets Is Not Easy

Burnett is well aware of how difficult it is to get playoff tickets for the Toronto Maple Leafs. When he tried to get inexpensive tickets to see Toronto play the Boston Bruins in the 2018 playoffs, he fell victim to fraud. Since his financial situation has improved, Burnett has upgraded to season tickets for the Toronto Maple Leafs, which don’t come cheap, we can tell you.

According to him, the first season he attended made him fall in love with the game. He has experienced both delight and sorrow because of this squad, and as any sports fan will be able to tell you, it is the lows that make the highs so much sweeter.

“They have been so exciting for a while, and just to see them move on is incredible. I really hope they can keep going.”.

Burnett isn’t giving up hope for the second-round series of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Eastern Conference against the Florida Panthers, and he hopes to be at Game Three in Florida, where he plans to give away a couple more tickets.

A Good Example of Someone Knowing Where They Have Come From

Burnett said that he realizes how pricey these games are but that he worked hard to get himself into a comfortable financial position. He can tell how much people care just by observing them online. He appears to be the guy that would always go out of his way to assist others if given the opportunity, and it is great that he is giving hardcore fans opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise.