Xposed Posts Record-Shattering Win on Gems Bonanza Slot

Slots are largely games of chance, but imagine what? Xposed, the biggest gaming streamer on Twitch, is schooling us with his latest streak of big wins.

A video posted on his socials starts with his trademark face cam showcasing comfortable 360 degrees by the right edge of the screen. Not long before, the ‘winner screams ‘ rent the air as his wins jumps from the initial spin $12k payout to an astonishing $72k in the subsequent round.

If you are wondering about the magic behind this mouth-watering, click through to his Twitch channel, which he proudly shares. Here’s a quick look.

Cody Burnett  ‘Xposed’ promises goodies to his Discord fans.

Elated at how popular he has become among gaming fans and communities globally, Xposed is ready to give you a pinch of his buttered bread for tagging him as the best Twitch Streamer.

It all began when Stake.com, a renowned online gaming site, asked its Twitter family to tag and comment on their favorite Twitch streamer and why they would wish to play against them.

The comments and tags caught Xposed by surprise and promised to bring in some people for calls later in the night.

Next time, be on the lookout as you could be on the live call with the master of the game. And who knows? Perhaps he could be waiting to share the secrets that would win you fortune-changing sums in your next few spins!

Hefty pay for Xposed retweets!

Just leave your Bitcoin address, and your smiley wallet alert will catch up moments later.

Coming hot on the heels of sweet giveaways for tagging him on the stake.com question, Xposed is breaking yet another ceiling. His fans are left wondering if his generosity is out of the easy yet skillful wins he regularly manages, as evidenced by matchless streams on his Twitch channel, which averages over 2k views per post.

On his latest end-month giveaway, Xposed christens it ‘good karma on stream tonight.’ Simply, he asked his fans to follow him and leave a comment on his tweet and bag home a whopping $100k via Bitcoin address. I bet this rare generosity is unmatched even outside gaming circles.

This is Xposed call for retweets and comments. Be on the lookout for more as barely a day passes without surprising his live followers with magnanimous gifts, especially when spinning his favorite slot games.

Uncharacteristic of any other gaming streamer, Xposed is your next-door gaming ally who spirits up his fans with explicit gaming videos. He does not shy away from getting into the gaming ring armed with big stakes. Surprisingly he ranks high among streamers who find it hassle-free to share their skills and steps to big wins.

With fingers crossed, Xposed is proving the top to-go streamer not only on slots but also on virtual sports gambling, which he takes to his channel to illustrate the undying love for breathtaking bets, some of which he has revealed are sponsored by enviable gaming brands.