Xposed racks up big win on Dork Unit

Big wagers, big prices – Cody „Xposed“ Burnett had a little luck on his latest stream, or what would you call a quarter of a million dollars in free spin wins?

Xposed went live again earlier today to play up to $1000 per spin on Stake.com. Starting out with a cool million in his bankroll, Cody racked up an early $250,000 playing $500 per spin on Wanted Dead or a Wild.

Check out the video below.

Only about an hour later, Xposed was playing $300/spin on Dork Unit when he hit another free spin run, resulting in a further $200,000 added to his bankroll. He met the huge win with his usual dose of excitement.

Check out Xposed’s Twitch channel soon to see how it all went down.

Xposed giveaway still liveXposed Giveaway

Luckily, Xposed followers have sumptuous deals as he offers sign-up goodies through his live official ‘My Stake Code Provide’.  Up to $30,000 are up for grabs (30*$1000 winners), plus 2*50/50 split stream winners.

He shares the referral link for prospective sign-ups to leverage the fantastic giveaways. Click on the image to take your chance at picking up this huge giveaway.

Early September slot spins yield colossal returns for Xposed

In yet another mind-boggling win, Xposed kicked off September on a higher note. Streaming Cleocratra spins slot; he won an impressive $70,000 from a paltry base game bet of $140. He starts with his usual gut-busting screams as wins build from $2,128 to $5,586, $42,000, and the eventual $71,309 in his last spin.

Check Xposed’s Twitch video link below to get a glimpse of how he was spirited up during the spinning rounds.

Barely an hour earlier, Xposed was live, this time playing the Spartan King slot. Starting with a tremendous base game bet of $1000, Xposed hits yet another colossal win of $130,000, highlighting his attention-grabbing slot skills, albeit with luck on his side. He inspires his fans with his trademark winner screams amidst congratulatory tones on the screen!

Here is a video link to how spins leading to the win unfolded.

Risky esports bet costs Xposed a staggering $450,000

Cody or Xposed, as widely known on his Twitch channel and Twitter handle, is equally known for his over-the-roof betting habits and budgets.

He recently headlined gambling news after unluckily losing an incredible $450,000 on an Esports duel bet.

The duel pitted Los Angeles Thieves and Optic Texas in a Call of Duty League match in which the latter went down three nil.

The match highlighted Xposed overall interest in gambling and gaming, although he majorly identifies with the latter, given his streaming channel, which usually attracts over 2k views during live streams.

His characteristic hyping of the bet on his Twitter handle confirmed a significant part of the bet; 70% were sponsored by a renowned crypto gambling site, Stake.

Commenting on the sidelines of the loss, Xposed warned his followers, especially youths, to avoid overindulgence in gambling as it could negatively affect their financial and social lives.