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Who is Knossi?

Jens Knossalla alias Knossi is a German streamer and entertainer.

His trademarks are his loud and high-spirited character as well as his crown. He wears his crown in his performance shows and calls himself the King of the internet. He formerly got a lot of attention for his guest roles in tv shows and his appearances in poker tournaments.

His girlfriend and mother are regularly guests in Knossi’s streams. Furthermore, it is commonly known that Knossalla has a son.


What is special about Knossi?

In Knossi’s streams, viewers only have little time to catch their breath until the next freak out: No matter if slot streaming, making real life videos or performing in his music videos, Knossalla is always alert and entertaining. His energetic style of streaming is unmistakable and unique.

His videos and streams stand out because of his active interaction with the chat, his varied entertainment and prominent guests. Knossi is completely in his element when he has the chance to entertain.

What are Knossi‘s biggest wins?

The most famous video of his online casino slot streaming career is his Razor Shark win. With a stake of 3 € per spin, Knossi won 8,580.60 € in a single session.

In his online casino streaming days, Knossi advertised his own social casino under the name Knossi Kasino. If you follow the URL nowadays, you will be automatically redirected to the provider

What content can I expect from Knossi?

Knossalla’s content focuses not only on live streaming but also on other formats, as for instance Angelcamp, Mittelaltercamp or even his own show Täglich frisch geröstet.

Due to the production of the ladder, Knossalla ended the streaming of online casino contents for the time being. Nevertheless, Knossi is most popular for his slot videos.

Knossi’s online casino streams can be still found on various online platforms and on his YouTube channel.

His top priority remains livestreaming individually or with other artists on twitch. Subscribers can rewatch the stream highlights on his YouTube channel.

Usually, Knossi streams for several hours at a time. In his collaborations and projects it is not uncommon for the gamer to stream for up to 72 hours in one session.

Where can I buy Knossi merch?

The self-appointed king of the internet sells his merchandising on his website On the website, fans can find clothing products, Knossi accessories and a Knossalla Funkopop.

Moreover, Knossi sells his book Knossi. König des Internets. Über meinen Aufstieg und Erfolg als Streamer that was published by riva publishing house.

In addition to multiple partnerships and brand deals, Knossi furthermore collaborated with FJU and created various ALGE liquers.