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Who is Shirox1980?

Shirox1980 is a German gamer and streamer that lives and works on the island state of Malta.

By his own account, Shirox1980, whose real name is Dominik, streams on his twitch channel daily from 11 am to 4 pm or from 7 pm to open end.

Streaming online casino content and managing his social media channels became his fulltime job.


What is special about Shirox1980?

Shirox1980’s special characteristic is his consistency in streaming and posting online casino content. He usually uses the platform twitter to promote his livestreams on twitch.

Looking at Shirox’s YouTube channel, one can quickly spot another distinctive feature: The offer of videos of slots is nearly endless. It seems like Dominik played the vast majority of the presently existing slot games. This is especially interesting for his viewers as they have a chance to learn about various slots and find the most suitable game for their personal online gambling experience.

Shirox1980 rewards his loyal community on a regular basis by organizing sweepstakes. In his streams, Dominik also gives away prizes like paysafe cards and amazon vouchers when he hits a 500x multi. He claims on his website that  he has given at least 39,000 € back to his followers during his online casino streaming career.

What are Shirox1980‘s biggest wins?

This can be answered very precisely due to the fact that viewers can find a detailed list of his biggest wins and multipliers in various online casino games on his personal website.

In the popular slot Dead or Alive 2 Shirox won 52,678 $ with a stake size of 4.80 $. This particular game bestowed him his biggest multi of 11706x in total.

What content can I expect from Shirox1980?

Shirox1980’s content includes mainly the topics gaming and online casino. Viewers can expect games like World of Tanks and Warzone alongside the most popular online casino games. Dominik’s favorite games are certainly the slot machines.

The most interesting clips from his livestreams can be found on his twitch channel. His viewers are also producing short highlight videos.

His streaming style is extremely laid back in comparison to other online casino influencers. Therefore his streams are certainly perfect for gambling enthusiasts that are interested in easy-going livestreams.

Fans can find several insights to his private life on his Instagram profile. Shirox posts vacation pictures, pictures of his adopted country Malta and pictures of his offspring.

Where can I buy Shirox1980 merch?

Unfortunately, Shirox1980 does not offer a merch shop.