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Who is MontanaBlack?

MontanaBlack, whose real name is Marcel Eris, is a german livestreamer from Buxtehude.

Regarding his external appearance, the streamer stands out due to his peculiar demeanor and streaming style, his huge cap collection and his provocative commentaries. On his social media channels, MontanaBlack provides new contents on a regular basis and gives insights into his private life and his latest possessions.

He created his channel MontanaBlack on the platform YouTube back in 2009. Over the years, Eris has continuously succeeded in enlarging his social media presence.

MontanaBlack is regularly part of the latest gaming and online casino news.


What is special about MontanaBlack?

What makes MontanaBlack unique is certainly his style. His noticeable clothing, his tattoos and his extravagant streaming room with a grand fish tank in the background are certainly eye-catching.

Noticeable is also his success as a streamer and entertainer. He certainly is the most successful and popular German speaking streamer on the platform twitch. Unfortunately, Eris stopped streaming online casino games. Nowadays, he fully concentrates on games like FIFA and Grand Theft Auto.

What are MontanaBlack‘s biggest wins?

During his online casino streaming phase, MontanaBlack was an emotional gambler that gladly risked high stakes in hope of big wins. Eris was a fan of slot machines in particular.

Even though Monte, as his followers call him, stopped posting online casino games and slot videos on his own channels, he still can be seen playing slots on other online casino influencer’s streams. MontanaBlack had a small comeback as a casino influencer on Roshtein’s stream. In this particular streaming session, Monte won a staggering amount of 41,700 € in the game Leprechaun Goes Wild.

What content can I expect from MontanaBlack?

Nowadays, MontanaBlack’s content range reaches from realtalk videos and let’s plays to highlight videos. Thus, his streaming is not solely limited to gaming, Monte streams react videos and chats with his viewers regularly. Moreover, MontanaBlack produces the podcast Chatgeflüster with fellow streamer colleague Unge. Subscribers can witness the influencers talk about different topics and discuss them in detail.

Besides his main channel MontanaBlack, Monte manages several channels on the platform YouTube simultaneously. SpontanaBlack and Richtiger Kevin are only two of the several additional channels.

As stated above, subscribers can still watch Monte making online casino content in collaborative formats with other casino streamers on the platform twitch.

At the moment, it is uncertain whether there will be a comeback as an online casino influencer.

Where can I buy MontanaBlack merch?

The streamer offers a multitude of products and bundles from his own brand GetOnMyLVL on his website Fans can buy MontanaBlack tracksuits, necklaces, vests, caps and additional products.

Moreover, MontanaBlack published his books MontanaBlack: Vom Junkie zum Youtuber as well as MontanaBlack II: Vom YouTuber zum Millionär.