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Anton, Eric and Mathias Joelsson
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Who is CasinoDaddy?

As opposed to most individual streamers, the group CasinoDaddy consist of the three brothers Anton, Eric and Mathias Joelsson. The group plays online casino games.

The Swedish group of three streams a multitude of games either as a team or individually. The brothers do not only provide online casino content on a regular basis, but also insights into their private and family life on their social media channels.


What is special about CasinoDaddy?

The special feature of the CasinoDaddy channel is the versatile content. This is due to the individual personalities of the streamers and the broad range of games.

Another specialty is the regularity of providing online casino content: The CasinoDaddy members are livestreaming several hours a day.

What are CasinoDaddy’s biggest wins?

One of the most impressive wins that can be found on the CasinoDaddy channel is the win that was obtained in the slot Snow Wild High Roll. The clip shows the winning of a staggering amount of 1,290,000 Swedish krona with a high roller stake of 3,000 Swedish krona per spin.

If someone is furthermore interested in all the wins obtained by the Joelsson brothers, one can find a listing under the tab Big Wins. All big wins are sorted by date and can be filtered by winning amount, player and multiplier. A particularly triumphant session is Ante’s stream of the online casino game San Quentin xWays. With a bet size of 4 € and 15 played spins, Ante won 569,204.80 € in total.

What content can I expect from CasinoDaddy?

Certainly, viewers can expect to find a lot of casino content on CasinoDaddy’s various social media channels. The members of the group play and stream on the streaming platform up to 14 hours a day. The vast number of content guarantees a variety of topics and gives viewers the option to choose from the wide selection and find the most interesting streams.

No matter if alone, in the group of three or with other famous streamers – the members of CasinoDaddy are well established online casino streamers. Especially online slots play the lead role in the livestreams and videos. With the exception of the emotional outbursts when hitting a winning combination, the streaming style is mostly laid-back and relaxed.

In addition to the multitude of slot machine games, the Joelsson brothers regularly present casino table games to their viewers. Their subscribers can find the most recent and interesting highlights from the streams on the CasinoDaddy Youtube channel.

Where can I buy CasinoDaddy merch?

CasinoDaddy offers a manageable selection of merch products. The assortment includes a cup as well as clothing with the imprint of the CasinoDaddy logo.

Furthermore, fans can exchange their collected loyalty points from watching the streams for objects from the stream store on