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Who is DuoOff?

DuoOff is, as the name already implies, a French duo that produces gaming, lifestyle and online casino videos and streams.

The duo consists of Romaric and Valentine. Both are in their early twenties and share their passion for games of all genres.

DuoOff is not only a brilliant team when it comes to gaming. In real life, the two are in a long-term relationship. As a duo, they have been able to build a huge fanbase over the last couple of years.


What is special about DuoOff?

The particular feature of DuoOff is certainly the chemistry between the two gamers. No matter if they are filming real life videos, pranking each other or playing online casino slots – the two are always a great team.

As they are almost always filming and streaming together, their uploads are exceptionally varied.

What are DuoOff‘s biggest wins?

This question has no precise answer as Romaric and Valetine retired from the online casino world and deleted the casino content from their social media channels for the most part.

In their casino streaming phase, the couple certainly did not participate in the high roller club of the casino community. Still, the duo was certainly successful in entertaining their loyal fans.

What content can I expect from DuoOff?

On DuoOff’s channels, subscribers can find a multitude of different content offers.

The amount of gaming content alone is absolutely enormous. At the moment, the couple streams the games Call of Duty and Fortnite in particular. Even though they reduced their online casino content enormously, Romaric and Valentine still post casino contents, that remembrance their gambling phase, on their social media platforms from time to time.

The second key element of their social media presence, besides gaming on their Youtube and twitch channels, consists of vlogging their private life. Viewers can take part in their everyday life by watching the livestreams and getting information about the private life of the two gamers.

Their loyal companions are their dogs. On their social media channels, that are regularly updated, the two show insights into their house building project, their pregnancy journey, fashion hauls and a great number of pranks, that they regularly play on each other.

Where can I buy DuoOff merch?

Unfortunately, the couple does not offer a merch store.