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Who is LinneaFly?

LinneaFly is a streamer from Norway. In addition to the online games World of Warcraft and League of Legends, LinneaFly enjoys playing online casino games.

By her own account, Linnea started her streaming career in the year 2013.

She describes herself as the viking from Norway and supplies her viewers with game streams on her channel. She also streams real life events and takes her viewers on shopping trips.

Gaming is not her only passion, LinneaFly presents her hobbies cosplay and modeling to the community on her various social media channels.

Viewers can learn a lot about her private life from guests on her streams, for instance from her mother. LinneaFly affectionately calls her Mother Momfly. Furthermore, viewers get to see her Bengalese cat Leon in the lifestreams.


What is special about LinneaFly?

The info text on LinneaFly’s twitch profile reveals that she has been interested in gaming since her childhood. The video game Super Mario introduced her to the world of gaming.

Special is also LinneaFly’s Norwegian descent. This allows her to stream in Norwegian and in English. Viewers can for instance witness her speaking Norwegian when she is out and about with her mother.

Another interesting fact is LinneaFly’s fascination with the cosplay scene. She regularly dresses up as cosplay characters and posts pictures of her makeovers on her social media channels.

What are LinneaFly‘s biggest wins?

Unfortunately, the amount of LinneaFly’ biggest win is uncertain as there are neither videos of it on her YouTube channel nor on her twitch page. In general, there are no highlight videos of her wins.

LinneaFly became famous for her versatile online casino slot streams and built a huge fanbase that heavily supports her on twitch and other social media channels to this day.

What content can I expect from LinneaFly?

LinneaFly has a vast game repertoire to offer in her streams. Amongst many others, LinneaFly favors the role-playing games World of Warcraft and League of Legends. LinneaFly is heavily involved in playing online casino games and slots.

According to the info page on her twitch channel, her streaming sessions are scheduled as follows: Linnea streams regularly on Wednesdays and Sundays and sometimes outside of her regular schedule.

Where can I buy LinneaFly merch?

Fans of LinneaFly can buy her merchandising on her personal Myspreadshop page. Customers can choose from several bags, tank tops and t-shirts in various colors and with different imprints.