Twitch Banned Its Most Popular Streamer: Will Kai Cenat Now Join Kick?

On Monday, April 17th, Twitch imposed a ban on Kai Cenat, one of the most popular streamers on the platform, for the second time this year.

Despite only starting his Twitch career in 2021, Kai Cenat has quickly become one of the most prominent content creators on the platform, but as you can see from his multiple bans, his short career has not been without controversy.

Since appears to be where cancelled stars turn, many are now speculating that this might be the final straw for the influencer. As he has threatened to before, will he finally turn his back on Twitch?

Kai Cenat Banned From Twitch

After Twitch banned his channel on April 17, fans of Kai Cenat’s are left wondering what is next for the Twitch superstar. Amazon’s streaming service is yet to provide a specific reason for the ban, but precedent would suggest that his suspension may only be temporary.

Three out of four of Kai Cenat’s previous bans lasted up to three days each. The most severe ban he faced occurred just over a year ago when he was suspended from Twitch for 30 days. This led to the content creator stating that he would no longer work on the platform but returned to his regular streaming schedule after a month.

Why Was Kai Cenat Banned?

As stated, the official reason for the imposed ban is yet to be announced. However, it is highly likely that one of his most recently uploaded videos, which we have posted below, is why he picked up the suspension.


During this video, Kai and some of his friends can be seen riding a dirt bike inside a house. Although we have seen more extreme cases of violation in streaming history, this could be deemed a breach of Twitch’s guidelines.

By its own Community Guidelines, Twitch prohibits any content that endangers an individual’s life or celebrates actions that may lead to physical harm. It’s reasonable to assume that riding a motorcycle through a living room would be classified under this definition of endangerment.

Twitch’s Rules

All streamers are expected to follow the rules Twitch outline. If these rules are violated, streamers can face temporary or permanent bans from the platform. It is not uncommon for popular streamers to receive warnings or bans for breaking Twitch’s guidelines. Perhaps the most famous cancellation in recent times is that of Adin Ross.

Will He Move To Kick?

Kai Cenat has often been outspoken regarding his views on Twitch. Despite using the platform to make his name, this hasn’t stopped him from using the platform to criticise certain aspects of their business model. Like many other streamers, he has gone on record suggesting that Twitch takes too much of the profits and that the platform doesn’t do enough to promote black promoters.