Adam22: A Story of Humiliation or Blown out of all Proportion?

There was once a time when porn stars were not so viscerally celebrated within our society. However, with the emergence of OnlyFans and other media outlets, performers such as Elle Brooke have become famous for making content outside the obvious.

This is not my cup of tea, but it has been a long time since I had any say on what trends occur on the internet.

You most likely have come across the Adam22 story by now. Even if you don’t want to, one of your favorite streamers will probably have covered it. To give you the briefest run down, Adam22 is a long-time adult content creator, and his wife has been performing with him for the past seven years.

They rake in lots of money on OnlyFans, but until recently, his wife, Lena, only performed with him. This changed, however, when she released a teaser video with well-known performer Jason Luv.

Social media blew up, and the narrative being painted now is that Adam22 is being cucked. Are they the new Will and Jada Smith? Plenty of memes might lead you to think so. We will never truly know how both of them feel about this, but it would be interesting to understand why this story has gotten so much traction.

Aba and Preach’s Calm Take

Aba and Preach, two fantastic YouTube creators with over two million subscribers, gave a very reasoned perspective on the whole situation. We will leave a video link below so you can enjoy their wisdom.

Essentially, they understand why most men have a visceral reaction to the idea of their wives sleeping with someone else other than them. However, the fact that they are both already performing porn stars means they have already crossed any line that could be described as normal.

They also believe there is a race element to this story. Jason Luv is a black man with an elite athlete’s physique. These two things combined could significantly contribute to how one feels about this story.

Andrew Tate and Other Less Calm Takes

There is a reason why this story blew up, right? Andrew Tate tweeted about this story and then went on Tucker and brought this subject up. As Aba and Preach point out, Tate has multiple families and simultaneously hates single mothers, so his argument should crumble under real scrutiny. Regardless we all know of his messaging, and he states that this story is a glorified example of all that is wrong with society.

His fanbase then jumps on this story and is, of course then, desperate to bring a man down to his knees. Tate, of course, has spawned many disciples, such as Pearlythings (the most unbearable woman on the planet, but I don’t think she’s genuine), and they have all been keeping this story alive as it is ideal for their messaging.

Our Take

In any other walk of life, the concept of allowing anyone else to sleep with your wife would be a strange one. It is generally accepted that men do not want their women to be in the arms of anyone except themselves.

Without going into much detail, this becomes especially true when that man is a living giant and could leave one feeling quite emasculated. A quick Google of this story and my words might make more sense to you.

What we can’t run away from, however, is that they are both porn stars. Therefore, those feelings of jealousy we try to control in a traditional relationship or unlikely to apply here.

At the end of the day, being a porn star is not normal.

Marrying someone and continuing to perform in that industry is still not normal. Therefore, the attention this story has received is disproportionate. The Will and Jada Smith story was more relatable as we all have different theories on what goes on behind the scenes. But with this story, I can’t help but think it was never normal in the first place. What do you all think?