Are You in Danger of Gambling Addiction?

Are You in Danger of Gambling Addiction? – Gambling addiction is a disorder in which an individual cannot stop gambling, even when considering all its adverse impacts on their life.

A gambling addiction rarely starts violently. Often, it is just a hobby to pass the time or a way for people to escape their problems.

But, before you know it, an innocent past-time can become a compulsion, and in some unfortunate cases, gamblers bet with all the money they have.

Does Every Gambler End Up With a Gambling Addiction?

No! Is every person that drinks beer an alcoholic? Not every person who gambles necessarily ends up addicted. It varies from individual to individual, but there are factors that put some players at a higher risk than others.

It is important to stress that millions of people around the world enjoy gambling and never bet with money beyond their means.

Types of Gamblers

There are three common types of gamblers: professional, social, and problem gamblers. Professional gamblers gamble for a living and understand how they can make the most money with the least risk. They understand that the level of discipline they have will have a tremendous effect on their results.

Social gamblers occasionally gamble as a hobby or for entertainment purposes. Problem gamblers engage in excessive gambling even after serious negative consequences.

Surprisingly, it is not the professional gamblers who are at risk of developing a gambling addiction but the problem gamblers. This is because professional gamblers have the self-control not to take huge risks.

In contrast, a problem gambler, deluded by past victory or even the game itself, may take huge risks and gamble away all they own. This is why you should only gamble on games where you have a good understanding of the odds.

Danger of Gambling Addiction – Risk Factors

Below are some things that might make a person more likely to develop a gambling addiction.

Mental Health Disorders

The existence of a mental health disorder can increase the risk of an individual developing a gambling addiction, especially if a person has any substance use or a mood disorder such as bipolar disorder.

These conditions alter the normal pathways of the brain and may impair an individual’s judgment leading them to place riskier bets and not fully comprehend the gravity of the consequences.


Every individual copes with stress in a different way, and not all of them are healthy. Excessive tension in a person’s life may lead them to turn towards gambling to escape their problems. Unfortunately, it is likely to do more harm than good.

Personality type

Some traits, such as competitiveness and impulsiveness, increase an individual’s risk of developing a gambling addiction. Even low self-esteem is a significant contributing factor, as someone could be using gambling as a way to feel good about themselves.

Peer Pressure

Anyone can succumb to the pressure of wanting to impress friends or colleagues or fit in with them, even if it means adopting harmful habits and traits. When faced with such pressure, individuals may make risky decisions like betting all their savings on a game.

Abuse of medication

If you are on medication like Fentanyl, Klonopin, Percocet, or Narcan, or you suffer from depression, you are at a higher risk of gambling addiction.

Danger of Gambling Addiction – Start With Acceptance

If you or anyone around you seems to be at risk of developing a gambling addiction, it is a great idea to contact professionals who can help. Accepting that you’ve developed a gambling addiction is the first step to take.

Understand that it is just another disease that can be cured with regular and timely treatment. Therapy has a great success rate; many individuals don’t even need medication to overcome their addiction.