Analysing Andrew Tate’s Message: His Influence on Streamers Today

If you don’t know by now, Andrew Tate was last year’s most googled man. An extraordinary feat considering that he was practically unknown the year before. Unless you happened to be really into your kickboxing, this man really did come out of nowhere.

As discussed in a previous piece we did a few months back, Tate is either viewed as a champion of free speech and masculinity or the worse person ever to grace the internet with his presence. The middle ground is rarely discussed, as nuance is not so easy to monetize, but that is my mission today.

Why is Andrew Tate so Popular?

Regardless of what you think of Tate and his brother, one can admit that they have a certain amount of charisma, and their kickboxing careers, good physiques, and good looks give their message a lot more credibility than some of the people they inspired.

Fresh and Fit, for example, have a Youtube following of over one million subscribers but are often mocked by people who refuse to believe they are as good with women as they claim. Watch this video below, and if you don’t cringe just a little, we will find some reward for you.

Andrew Tate’s Positive Side

The good of Andrew Tate is that he promotes making money, staying fit, and not choosing women who have no interest in you. We will discuss later why some people get this very wrong and take his message too far, but with this as an entry point, the Tate brothers seem pretty harmless.

The probable reason why he has become so famous, though, is due to his numerous rants and misogynist videos that went viral on TikTok, which are oddly captivating. Even those who he so turns off found themselves digesting a considerable amount of his content.

Now he is being detained in Romania; he is trying to make us all believe he was playing some sort of character. This is true in many ways, but how much of his views were based on his true feelings remains unclear. We will probably gain a better understanding when we eventually find out what will happen to him and his brother.

Has Adin Ross and Sneako Destroyed Their Careers?

Two massive streamers, Adin Ross and Sneako, have both been de-platformed due to their content which without question has been inspired by Andrew Tate. Sneako is perhaps the most disappointing of the two since he has been making quality content since a very young age, and he is still only 24. Ross is also very young, so both are open to a certain amount of manipulation they might look back on and regret in years to come.

Sneako continues to say misogynistic things, and when taking part in youtube/streaming debates, he continuously embarrasses himself because he is married to the narrative and therefore has to stick to his argument no matter how bad it makes him look. If you have the time, watch this debate below and see how Sneako sticks to his sound bites no matter what.

Adin Ross has been permanently banned from Twitch, and last month his brother took to Twitter to tell the world that he has effectively become a victim of Andrew Tate. Not hard to believe as the influencer shaved all of his hair off to look more like Tate, and this video below shows how much of Tate’s Views were rubbing off on the famous Twitch star.

The Manosphere is a Religion For Many Men

You might know someone who wants a girlfriend and a better life but does nothing about it. This someone might have been you in the past or even now. The harsh truth of dating life that Tate and his disciple’s spout can have a positive effect.

It can make some people stop chasing toxic relationships and leave men with the sense that they are in control of their destinies, and countless men have benefited from his videos and advice.

To borrow a killer line from streamer Destiny when debating Sneako. The people from the manosphere believe that everyone else is stuck inside the matrix, but they are just as predictable. Crypto is the future, Trump was a good president, and climate change is a hoax, are just some examples he gives.

A wise man should consider all of these points and make an informed decision and have the ability to concede there is some room for alternative views.

The manosphere is very appealing. Don’t be a loser with women anymore, make more money, etc. All of these things appeal to the majority of men, but not every action should come down to being a simp/beta male or alpha. With this energy, you are too scared to have real engagement with people, and to be frank, living with a constant agenda is tiring.

Similar to politics, if an influencer leans one way towards something, you can usually predict all of their other beliefs. I personally believe that Tate’s views can be used to change one’s life around, but the person benefiting from his life lessons needs to understand that a lot of what he says can in no way be implemented in most ordinary people’s day-to-day lives.

Most importantly, he is capable of saying completely ridiculous things, so it is important not to devote your life to the manosphere entirely.

Not Everyone Can Become Rich

If everyone lived the digital nomad life and traveled the world with multiple women, the world wouldn’t function. This is something that these gurus often fail to stress.

Hustlers University, a course set up by the Tate Brothers, had over one million subscribers paying $50 per month. Of those one million people, how many will turn their lives around and live a life comparable to that of the Tate’s? Granted, some might improve their quality of life, making the investment a good one but not everybody can live that playboy life.

Tate is on record as stating that you need $1 million per month to live a great life which should sound ridiculous to you.

If you are a person who is living from pay cheque to pay cheque or even if you are living a nice middle-class lifestyle, a few extra grand per month should be enough to liberate your life completely. After all, not everyone’s dream is to drive a Bugatti.

We don’t know yet if he is guilty of the severe crimes he has been accused of. The eventual evidence will impact his overall message significantly. Ironically the last podcast he took part in before his arrest was perhaps him at his most insightful and is well worth watching if you want a more rounded view of why this man became so popular so quickly.

Andrew Tates last interview before arrest



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