Andrew Tate: The most (in)famous man on the Planet?

If you are just learning about Andrew Tate since his arrest in Romania for alleged human trafficking, then you are probably unaware of how famous he is. Did you know, for example, that he was the most googled man on earth last year?

The manosphere is a vast subculture that primarily exists on the internet, with YouTubers such as the Rational Male finding huge success. Andrew Tate, if you take a positive view, is someone who is making men take responsibility for their lives and a champion of traditional values.

Andrew Tate
Image: Twitter.

The opposite view of this would be to label him as nothing more than a misogynist with a dangerous worldview. Of course, the degrees to how dangerous someone might find his views are all open to interpretation.

Only his ardent supporters will suggest that he is a man without fault. He made his money from a sex cam business where according to him, he sat down with five women who he was simultaneously dating at the time and asked them if they wanted to be part of his new business.

This led to him making substantial money and resulted in further enterprises, most notably an education course, which was incredibly successful due primarily to his charismatic personality. At one point, 100,000 of his followers were paying $49.99 monthly to be part of this education course. All of his businesses, at some point, have either been described as slimy or unethical.

The Matrix Have Sent Their Agents

In recent months Tate has suggested on many podcasts that he has turned down millions in sponsor deals because he refuses to sell his soul. He also referred to a Jeffrey Epstein Esque island he was allegedly told about by influential people he refused to name.

Is he informing the public about these things as he genuinely wants to take on the world elite, or does he know exactly what to say to appeal to a sizeable minority? The concept that we are all enslaved people living in a simulated world is the concept of the hugely popular film The Matrix, which many people now use as a reference when they want to talk about how best to fight the system.

Image: Micha/Pixabay.

Could this all be an elaborate plan to buy him support, though? If he truly is guilty of these crimes, what better way to protect yourself than suggesting that ‘they’ will put you in jail?

He has even said on many occasions that if he ends up dead, just know that he would never kill himself. Therefore, many of his fans will now be thinking that they are going after two men (Andrew Tate and his brother) who are exposing the system.

Consequently, they need to find some way to ensure they will no longer influence the public.

Why is Andrew Tate so Popular?

Depending on your viewpoint, people will give vastly varying opinions on this, but his personality is his selling point. Many people online have been preaching similar content, but very few have managed to capture an audience anywhere near the size of Tate’s. He has also been responsible for many men changing their lives through his content, which could be described as tough love. This is in no way an endorsement of his views, but it’s important to note that some people take away different things from content.

His background as a kickboxing champion and businessman gives his outlandish statements more respectability. It is up to the audience to decide the comedy and trolling from the valid message. Having said all of that, if he is not guilty, he has said many things in the past that I am sure any lawyer would love to use against him, and for this, he only has himself to blame.

What will happen now remains to be seen, and it will be fascinating to see how this all plays out. Tate has garnered such a loyal following that he won’t suddenly be forgotten. The Tate’s are currently being detained for 30 days in Romania and it will be fascinating to see the extent of their charges and even more fascinating to see how his followers respond.