NGTS’s Positive Impact Shown in Annual GambleAware Data

NGTS’s Positive Impact Shown in Annual GambleAware Data – New data from GambleAware reveals that nine out of 10 individuals (88%) who underwent treatment through the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) experienced improvement, with a notable decrease in gambling issues on average.

This data comes as a part of the charity’s 2022/2023 NGTS report and is published as GambleAware urges the UK government to ensure that the new statutory levy does not jeopardize the third-sector support services and cause them to collapse.

GambleAware commissions the National Gambling Treatment Service (now National Gambling Support Network), a group of 10 organizations spanning England, Scotland, and Wales, to provide prevention services, free, confidential support, and early intervention for those affected by problem gambling.

The NGTS sees nearly 7,000 individuals seeking and accessing structured support, and over 44,000 calls are answered through the National Gambling Helpline. Despite the high traffic volume, half (50%) of those referred are entertained within five days, and 75% are seen within nine days.

The National Gambling Support Network Sees Significant Increase in Demand for Services

GambleAware CEO Zoë Osmond.

GambleAware relaunched the National Gambling Support Network in April this year and has since provided vital support to those needing it the most.

The service specifically focuses on early intervention and prioritizes a regional-first approach.

The service experienced a notable 24% increase in calls made to the National Gambling Helpline compared to the previous year.

Additionally, there was a 46% increase in early intervention provided via the helpline and an 18% increase in demand for structured treatment.

More data from GambleAware points to the fact that there has been a YoY rise in demand for preventative support in the first quarter of the year, with a 46% increase in assistance provided through the National Gambling Helpline.

Concerns Over Specialist-Led Services Due to Proposed Gambling Levy

Positive Impact Shown in Annual GambleAware Data – Through its newly published data, GambleAware has highlighted the effectiveness of its services, particularly in early intervention and prevention. That said, the charity has expressed concern that the UK government’s present proposals for the execution of the statutory levy on operators might lead to the collapse of these services.

GambleAware CEO Zoë Osmond expressed appreciation for the government’s upcoming statutory levy on gambling operators, which, according to her, will ensure long-term and transparent funding for critical research, treatment and prevention of gambling hazards. However, there are concerns among third-sector support workers regarding the future of specialist-led services.

As Osmond put it, it is crucial for the government to provide reassurance that these vital services will be safeguarded during and after the transition, as the National Gambling Support Network and the wider third sector possess a wealth of experience and expertise they cannot afford to lose.