Top 10 Most Popular Casino Streamers In 2023

Who are the top 10 most popular casino streamers in 2023? This has been an interesting year for gambling streamers. For years, they could entertain their followers without too much concern for regulation.

But Twitch, at the backend of 2022, introduced tighter rules for gambling streamers to follow, essentially banning the types of streams that helped make many of these people on our list famous.

This was a real shock to the system. For many and 2023 has provided the answers to the number one question floating around at the time. What the hell happens next?

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How Online Casino Streaming Has Evolved in 2023

When Twitch banned gambling on their platform, the most popular gambling streamers were looking for a new home. For many, Kick was the obvious place to jump ship to. Not only were these casino streamers allowed to continue streaming their content, but they were also allured by better deals, with some streamers agreeing to accept 95% of the profit made during a stream. This is a stark increase from Twitch’s agreed percentages, which were closer to 70/30.

Twitch Logo

As a result, numerous casino streamers joined Kick. Whenever streamers had the opportunity to talk about their previous platform, they were not complimentary and were happy to present Kick as this Utopian place where gambling freedom resided.

The truth, of course, lies somewhere in the middle.

Most of the streamers on this list were made famous due to the success of Twitch, so we can’t imagine they have too many legitimate axes to grind.

However, the freedom and the money being offered by Kick have led many to believe that their former employers were not realising their actual value.

Kick has completely changed the game for casino streamers, with some superstars this year signing financial contracts that will make your eyes water. Associated with popular crypto casino Stake, the platform is viewed as highly controversial and appears to thrive on accepting those streamers deemed too hot to handle by other streaming platforms, most notably Twitch.

Top 10 Most Popular Casino Streamers In 2023

Below, we have compiled a list of the ten most popular casino streamers in 2023. We will briefly tell you who they are and, more importantly, explain why they are so popular with their followers. Some are noted for their controversial flair, while others have gained fame for their immense skill or charisma.

To become a quality casino streamer in 2023, it is essential to note that people aren’t made famous for no reason. You might not understand why some streamers are on this list, but you can only maintain fame over a period of time if there is a legitimate audience out there. All the gambling streamers on this list have huge followings and are worth checking out to see if you believe the hype matches their talent.


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Roshtein is definitely one of most popular casino streamers in 2023. He has made a name for himself as the longest-running, high stakes slot streamer. You can spot him a mile away with his excellent combo of long hair and a hat he rocks every time he hits the stream.

Since kicking off his YouTube channel in 2016, Rothstein’s antics and pictures have been splashed over social media.

He doesn’t mess around; he’s the kind of player who doesn’t shy away from throwing down serious bets like $100 per spin like it’s no big deal.

His streams are marked by the assertive use of the ban button, a practice that has catapulted him into the spotlight and earned him a reputation in the streaming community.

When it comes to covering gambling news, Rothstein keeps it laid-back, cracks a joke or two, and throws in a chuckle for good measure.

Roshtein’s the king of the online slot streaming game. Streaming for over six years hasn’t dimmed his passion; if anything, he’s more infectious than ever. His streams are a rollercoaster of energy and charisma that keep the subscriber count climbing. No matter what the haters throw his way, he keeps his audience hooked with infectious laughter, positive vibes, and a simply hard to resist personality.


TheRealMarzaa Influencer

TheRealMarzaa is the go-to Italian variety streamer making waves in the streaming world. He’s a real heavyweight in the Italian streaming scene.

TheRealMarzaa, or Francesco Marzano when he’s not in the gaming arena, has become one of the most-watched Italian streamers, with over one million followers.

In his gaming repertoire, you’ll find TheRealMarzaa diving into the adrenaline-pumping “stay game crazy” alongside other live online casino favorites like Roulette and Blackjack.

But it’s not just cards and dice for this Italian streamer; he also takes a spin on slots, trying his luck with games like the Book of Dead.

Francesco Marzano’s rise to fame didn’t start and end on Twitch. First, he made a name for himself on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, showcasing his lip-syncing skills, comedic chops, humor, creativity, and entertaining personality. His videos resonate with a younger audience, contributing significantly to his rise in popularity as a notable influencer in the gaming and content creation community. With a relatable and lighthearted approach, TheRealMarzaa continues to captivate and entertain his growing audience across various social media platforms.


ClassyBeef is the ultimate crew of nine casino streamers – Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Bigg0, Georgi, Lamar, Rune, and Freddy – each bringing their A-game from different parts of the globe but uniting in Malta.

These guys burst onto the Twitch scene in 2019, and in less than three years, they’ve streamed a whopping 13,500 hours and raked in 13.5 million views. ClassyBeef isn’t just about throwing down bets (which, by the way, range from 50 to 500 Euros in their slot showdowns).

It’s a whole experience with their trademark Beef Battles, where the gang goes head-to-head.

ClassyBeef aren’t just average streamers; they’ve got personalities as diverse as their backgrounds. Georgi, the seasoned pro from Bulgaria, brings over 30 years of gambling wisdom.

Jonte, the smiling Swede, handles challenges like a champ. Biggo, from the US, brings positivity and leaves a feel-good mark on fans. Rune, the charismatic Norwegian, creates a chill vibe, and Freddy and Max, the dynamic Swedish duo, add a touch of jovial charisma to the mix.

ClassyBeef’s journey started in 2019 when Joe and Espen, tired of regular jobs, teamed up with Marko and Nando to turn their love for gambling into something big.

After Twitch’s gambling ban, they shifted to Kick and have been thriving. Whether you catch them live or check out their videos on YouTube, ClassyBeef’s got the charisma and the wins to keep you hooked.

Adin Ross

Adin Ross Rolls Royce
The Adin Ross Rolls Royce.

2022 was a controversial year for the streamer, so how has he decided to follow this up? By having an equally controversial 2023. Away from the gambling streams, there isn’t a week that goes by where his name isn’t in the streaming news.

To the extent that we were actively trying not to report every time he made headlines out of fear of boring our readers.

The most noteworthy moment of the year came when he told his viewers he was about to interview North Korean leader Kim Jun Un.

Many viewers were watching this stream on the off chance that it could be true. But as you would imagine, he was only joined by a Kim Jun Un impersonator.

Ross is another one of those gambling streamers who made the jump from Twitch to Kick to continue his gambling streams and deepen his pockets. He even gatecrashed a Twitch event this year wearing Kick merchandise.

Typical attention-seeking behavior that works for the young streamer. Due to his popularity, he is able to invite big names onto his streams and when he gambled with UFC owner Dana White this year, the clips went viral as both him and white were placing monster bets as if money grew off those proverbial trees.


DocJazy Influencer

Jason, aka DocJazy, is our French streaming sensation of the most popular casino streamers in 2023.

A proud native of Calais, this 25-year-old has quickly become a standout figure, achieving more than most in his age bracket.

Initially, DocJazy started his streaming journey by trying his hand at video games like Fortnite, Clash Royale, and Farming Simulators. But his real breakthrough came when he switched gears to casino streaming.

With a loyal fan base of over 1.5 million followers, he’s become a trailblazer in the French-speaking digital community.

Twitch is where DocJazy shines the brightest, serving as the primary platform for his diverse content, ranging from thrilling gaming adventures to heart-pounding sessions at various online casino sites.

Over on YouTube, his Doc9Bonus channel is the go-to spot for the crème de la crème of his casino streams. It’s a treasure trove of his most jaw-dropping wins and nail-biting moments, capturing the energy and passion he brings to every session.

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Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu

This Canadian poker player is one of the best to have ever played the game. Therefore, when he started streaming some of his games online, it was obvious that he would get quite the following.

Negreanu has earned a reputation for reading fellow poker players’ souls for years. There is no point slow playing with this guy; he knows what cards you have. In some cases, he calls regardless just to be proven right.

Daniel has always loved talking. Sometimes, to the extent that people at the table wouldn’t mind him zipping it for a few seconds. The good thing about streaming is that he can talk for as long as he likes, and it is clear that this has given him a new lease of poker life.

The poker star excels in tournament play and it is fascinating to see how he justifies his actions. It is fun to watch how he gets excited when he knows there is a chance he can finish high in a tournament.

Of all the poker players who have tried to go down the poker route, Negreanu might be the most successful for a few factors; firstly, he is a legend of the game; therefore, more people will be drawn to following this guy play poker.

He is also hugely charismatic and can keep you alert even when the cards don’t allow for much poker action. If you are a poker fan and aren’t following this guy, you should soon.


xqc car twitter

The Canadian streamer Felix Lengyel, who goes by xQc, began his gambling streams on Twitch in 2022, soon after he gained popularity for streaming games like Overwatch and Among Us.

Even though he has kept most of his life private, xQc has acquired a following of almost 12 million. For someone who is not into streaming, it might be difficult to understand why xQc is so popular.

After all, he seems like a regular guy who just sits and watches videos or plays games while giving minimal reactions.

xQc was never known to have a schedule and would go online whenever he felt like it. When he started gambling, his streams got more frequent.

He seemed quite passionate about his new venture. However, his father seemed to get concerned about his gambling habits.

It wasn’t long before the streamer made news by getting kicked out of a Canadian casino where he was supposedly banned.

As the story unfolded, it was revealed that a man from Quebec had started gambling after being inspired by xQc and became addicted to the extent that he soon fell into a lot of debt before going bankrupt.

Despite gambling being a controversial issue on streaming platforms, xQc continues streaming his favorite casino games. Even though blackjack is his go-to choice, he has been playing a lot of Crypto games on Stake. Some of xQc’s most significant wins have been on Cleocatra, Gates of Olympus, and Dog House.


DeuceAce Influencer

DeuceAce is one of the most down-to-earth casino streamers, and his energetic and charismatic personality led to his 250k followers. His personality can be attributed to his humble beginnings of working as a student to support himself and his family.

The streamer’s real name is Jay, and he has only recently become one of the big names in Twitch’s casino industry.

Jay had a dream of providing for his family, and this was fulfilled when he decided to try his luck with gambling one day. The idea of winning thousands of dollars in a split second was enough to make him persevere despite the many setbacks along the way.

DeuceAce soon switched to online gambling and was able to build a loyal fan base in no time. His followers admire his determination and ability to keep them entertained for hours.

DeuceAce’s fans already know his love for Lucky Leprechaun and Dog House. He usually selects games that provide the potential to win significantly, and his audience is always intrigued to see if he can hit the jackpot.

Apart from these games, Jay also enjoys traditional poker, blackjack, and roulette games, often streaming them for six to ten hours at a time. Unlike most Twitch streamers, DeuceAce has mostly been a non-controversial figure and really seems to enjoy his work.


trainwreckstv streamer

Tyler Faraz Niknam is the powerhouse known as TrainwrecksTV in the American streaming scene. TrainwrecksTV burst onto the Twitch scene in 2015, initially rocking ‘Just Chatting’ and IRL streams with big names like xQc, NICKMERCS, and Asmongold.

Known for his gaming adventures in Halo, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty, TrainwrecksTV recently rolled the dice into online casino gambling, emerging as a top-tier crypto slots streamer.

TrainwrecksTV’s influence extends beyond Twitch, with a YouTube channel created in 2015. Boasting hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views, he shares highlights and clips from his Twitch VODs.

While YouTube adds a nice bonus to his earnings, TrainwrecksTV’s major moves are on Twitch and other platforms. In a game-changing move, he took on an advisory role with Kick, a new streaming site disrupting the industry with a 95-5 split of subscriber revenue for creators.

As of 2023, TrainwrecksTV stands out as one of most popular casino streamers in 2023, streaming slots and casino games, Just Chatting, and Counter-Strike content. His journey wasn’t without its share of controversies. His involvement in crypto gambling streams sparked debates about legality and potential harm, leading to Twitch bans.


LetsGiveItASpin Influencer

The force behind LetsGiveItASpin is Kim Hultman. He is a Swedish casino streamer, who is hailing from the small town of Smålandsstenar in central Sweden.

Formerly a pro poker player, Kim’s gaming journey took a new turn as he embraced slots and betting. That was the birth to LetsGiveItASpin on YouTube in 2015 and facing early hurdles.

Fast forward to today, he has built an impressive community on YouTube and Twitch. He became one of the most popular casino streamers in 2023.

His content mainly spans recent highlights, big wins, live casino games, bonus hunts, and vlogs capturing tournaments, conferences, and his daily life.

LetsGiveeItASpin’s transition to Twitch was a game changer.

Where he showcased not only his skills but also his open-ended nature and unfiltered approach, solidified his position as a seasoned online casino streaming personality. It also led to him drawing in avid viewers eager to witness his slot adventures.

With a lively Twitter presence, Kim can be seen sharing gaming tips, his insights on different slots, and personal musings.

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