KSI vs Tommy Fury – $1 MIllion Bet?

KSI vs Tommy Fury – YouTube Star KSI is willing to Bet $1 million on himself to beat Tommy Fury in their upcoming boxing fight in October.

Ahead of the upcoming October 14 boxing bout KSI vs Tommy Fury, YouTube star Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, better known as KSI, has expressed confidence in his boxing capabilities by claiming he is willing to bet a whopping $1 million on himself to beat his opponent Tommy Fury.

After Fury’s victory over Jake Paul earlier this year, which resulted in the influencer’s very first loss, the anticipated bout between KSI and Fury is drawing closer with each passing day.

With them set to go head to head on October 14, the British YouTuber, rapper, and boxer is willing to outperform his rival Fury and knock him out, ultimately cementing his position as the best fighter in the boxing scene.

During Adin Ross’ Kick stream on September 16, KSI and Fury had a face-to-face meeting ahead of what is anticipated to be the most notable influencer boxing event to date.

KSI vs Tommy Fury – Details of KSI’s Betting Plans

Before Fury joined the live stream, Adin asked about KSI’s confidence level regarding his chances of winning. The YouTuber responded by saying he was willing to bet $1 million on himself to win the fight. Adin also offered to put up money and buy KSI a watch if he was that sure of himself.

However, KSI revealed that he faced some challenges in making the self-bet happen. He stated that many platforms would not allow him to bet such a large amount. He said the maximum amount he could bet was only around $5k.

Adin questioned whether it was even legal for the influencer to bet on himself. KSI assured him that it was completely legal for him to do so but also explained that he could not bet on a particular round for the match. He expressed uncertainty about the best course of action for placing a bet on himself, acknowledged the potential risks involved, and ultimately decided to put on whatever bets he could without violating any rules.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were later added to the Kick livestream, where a heated argument erupted between Jake and KSI. During this argument, Jake asked KSI about who he had defeated in boxing before, to which KSI immediately retorted that it did not matter.

He also added that he had defeated every opponent to stand in front of him and told Jake he had an “L” on his record. KSI concluded the argument by stating that his record would remain unblemished even after competing with Tommy Fury.

Logan Paul’s Bet Against Dillon Danis

KSI is not the first YouTube boxer to dabble in betting. In August, Logan Paul issued a $1 million bet towards Conor McGregor while claiming to defeat Dillon Danis in their well-anticipated boxing match on October 14, i.e., the co-main event of the Prime Card.

In fact, the stakes may be even higher for Logan, with him begrudgingly agreeing to let Dillon be the best man at his wedding if he ends up losing. All very much youtube boxing drama stuff we know!