Player Wins Historic $42 Million Jackpot Playing Online Slots

One lucky man has recently cracked the biggest online jackpot of all times wining $42 million playing online slots.

Towards the end of last year, a fortunate player won the biggest slot jackpot ever recorded, transforming a mere $50 spin into an astounding prize worth a whopping $42 million.

The online player, who had been betting using the stablecoin USDT on’s Wheel of Wishes slot developed by Alchemy Gaming, won a colossal 42,100,000 USDT jackpot on the 20th of December.

The prize was one of Games Global’s WowPot!™ progressive jackpots, initially starting at €20 million but consistently growing to even more substantial amounts, with a small percentage of each bet on the game included in the pool.

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 Jackpot Winner Expresses Shock and Receives Additional Prizes

Upon his request, kept the player’s identity confidential; however, he expressed his awe and disbelief when he realized he had won the jackpot. According to the winner, who has been signed up with for many years, he initially believed the large winnings appearing on his screen were an error.

That said, after coming to terms with the reality of the situation, he expressed his excitement by running around the room and shouting in celebration.

The winner added that he has yet to make significant decisions regarding the massive prize and plans to take things slowly. The winner was also grateful, saying his family would never have to worry about finances again.

He expressed his amazement, saying he never could have imagined a simple, relaxing session playing on his favorite gambling platform would change everything for him.

The anonymous winner also received congratulations from Director Alex Haig, who was quick to mention that this was the largest-ever prize won from a single spin on an online slot machine. Haig revealed that the team was proud to witness a user win the largest prize in slots history.

In addition to the life-changing prize of $42 million, the winner will also receive additional bonuses. These include a flight trip to London to have dinner with the team and a game in the VIP box at Newcastle United Football Club, an official partner of

A Look Back at Online Slots Jackpot Wins

Speaking of historic casino wins, not long ago, we compiled a list of some of the biggest wins in casino history, where we noted the top five winners in terms of jackpot amounts. Our list also briefly highlighted the life-changing effects of such wins on the winners.

While the last person on the list to win the largest-ever amount (Katrina Bookman) did not receive her $43 million win, the penultimate casino winner was also an anonymous winner who won $39.7 million.

The mysterious winner hailed from Los Angeles and won their prize in 2003, depositing only $100 before winning the jackpot. Excalibur Casino, the land-based establishment where they won the jackpot, revealed that the lucky winner opted to receive their winnings in yearly installments of $1.5 million over the next 25 years.

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