Dana White Wins $120K Playing Blackjack at Red Rock Las Vegas

Dana White Wins $120K Playing Blackjack at Red Rock Las Vegas. Dana White is widely known for his penchant for gambling, which is rivaled only by his passion for promoting fights.

In a recent video, White can be seen winning a whopping $120,000 while playing blackjack at the Red Rock in Las Vegas. This one happens to be among the UFC CEO’s favorite casinos.

White is known to frequent major casino establishments in Vegas and place high-roller bets. However, due to his tendency to place large bets, several casinos have barred White from betting in their establishments. In the past, UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan witnessed White lose thousands of dollars in moments, only to win it all back not long after.

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White also took his son to gamble as soon as he reached legal age. According to Rogan, White’s love for gambling is due to his immense wealth.

Dana White’s fondness for gambling occasionally extends to UFC fans as well. In October 2023, White revealed that a lucky sweepstakes winner who got to gamble with him and Steve Deleonardis hit it big and walked away with a substantial amount of money.

In a video, White was seated at a blackjack table with Deleonardis, UFC CBO Hunter Campbell and fitness influencer Bradley Martyn. Alongside is the fan who won the chance to join them via the Power Slap League sweepstakes. Considering White’s expertise at blackjack, it is not surprising some of his luck rubbed off on the Power Slap sweepstakes winner.

UFC’s Restrictions on Gambling Following the Krause Betting Scandal

Despite Dana White’s well-known love for gambling, the UFC sent out a warning to its fighters and their teams and families due to a controversy involving James Krause’s inside betting. Krause’s actions caused a significant backlash, leading to an embargo on him from Mixed Martial Arts.

Even fighters linked with Krause cannot participate in the UFC until investigations into their activities clear them of any wrongdoing.

In other news, White recently announced that he would be revealing some highly anticipated fights set to take place in 2024. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the news regarding the upcoming Francis Ngannou vs. Anthony Joshua bout. ESPN has reported it will be taking place on the 8th of March, 2024.

Notably, this date does not coincide with UFC 299. This match will be between Marlon Vera and Sean O’Malley.

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