Red Door Roulette: Evolution launches Roulette Crazy Time Hybrid

In its usual innovative fashion, Evolution has announced the launch of a new game titled Red Door Roulette. This lightning roulette variant combines the classic roulette game with elements of the popular Crazy Time game show.

At the start of the game, players will be transported straight to a slots round where between three and 15 bonus numbers in a single spin can help you open the “Red Door” and access the crazy time bonus feature.

Spicing up your gaming experience are random multipliers as high as 20x, which can even apply to whatever multiplier you may have already received from the Crazy Time wheel.

Supposing you have placed a bet on a number that then shows up on the roulette betting grid, you automatically gain access to the Crazy Time wheel. Consider this a brilliant release tailored to suit roulette fans who are always seeking extra features that only add to the gaming experience of the traditional roulette game.

Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter, had this to say.

“At Evolution, we changed the game forever when we launched Lightning Roulette. Since then, we have been evolving the live casino space with many more live game shows. We’ve seen a lot of players crossover between Roulette and our live game shows and, in the process, learned a whole lot more about game making and what excites today’s players.

We believe it’s time now for a pure Roulette game show with a bonus round and we are firing the biggest cannon we have, the excitement of the Crazy Time bonus round within a modern take on the traditional Roulette game. Players all over the world know the famous Red Door that leads to the magical world of the Crazy Time bonus, and now they can have it in Roulette.”

Red Door Roulette Evolution

What Is Crazy Time and Why is it so Popular?

Crazy Time is a live game show produced by Evolution, championed for its engaging and dynamic gameplay.

The casino game typically involves a colorful and vibrant virtual game wheel adorned with various segments representing different bonus features and multipliers.

The show combines elements of a traditional game show with interactive elements. In other words, mixing the concept of a game show and casino game into one.

During the Crazy Time game show, players can participate in various bonus rounds, each offering unique opportunities to win prizes or multipliers.

The Crazy Time wheel is central to the gameplay, as it determines the bonuses and multipliers that players can potentially win during the game.

Players eagerly anticipate accessing the Crazy Time wheel, as it presents the chance to multiply their winnings significantly.

What Does the Crazy Time Feature Mean in Relation to Red Roulette?

In the context of the Red Door Roulette game, gaining access to the Crazy Time wheel signifies that players have unlocked the exciting bonus round within the gameplay.

This bonus round offers additional opportunities to win prizes and benefit from high-value multipliers, enhancing the overall thrill and entertainment of the traditional roulette experience.

By incorporating elements from the Crazy Time game show, Evolution aims to infuse the classic roulette game with a vibrant and dynamic twist, catering to players who seek an engaging and innovative gaming experience.

Where can I play Red Door Roulette?

You can play Red Door Roulette in each of these trusted casinos.