Rare Pokemon Card Collection Worth Half a Million Stolen from South Carolina Home

Some may not agree with it, some may laugh at it, but collecting sports or Pokemon cards is a serious thing.

And a lucrative one at that. You’ve surely heard about poker player cards costing millions, but Pokemon cards are not that far behind. Police in South Carolina are currently working on a case of a stolen Pokemon collection that’s reportedly worth $500,000.

The cards were lifted from an insurance broker’s home, but their exact ID is a mystery. Thieves reportedly broke into 62-year old Christopher Polydorou’s home, stealing a Pokemon card collection. Nothing else was taken from the scene, but Polydorou reported the cards missing.

HVAC Workers the Culprits?

Polydorou reported the theft himself on July 15. He called the police and said that an unknown person broke into his beachfront home and took a box of Pokemon cards with him. He claims that the only people who have entered the house were HVAC workers. Polydorou is a big rare card fan, with basketball, poker, and football card collections. It’s good that the thief or thieves didn’t get those too.

Some of the boxes were unopened and contained 24 packs of cards. One had a rare Japanese Pokemon card that was probably the most valuable among them. Their exact identity is unknown, but Polydorou said he got them from auctions in 1999.

The insurance broker purchased the 6,800 sq. feet waterfront mansion in 2014 for a reported $431,000. It has endless rooms including a collectible room where Polydorou keeps his ‘trophies’.

Pokemon Magikarp
Image: Tymon Oziemblewski.

The police report first said the cards were valued at ‘half a billion of dollars’ but Polydorou said it was a typo on their side. He valued them at half a mil, while the official police report valued them at $200,000. But, what do they know about rare Pokemon cards, right?

Which Cards May Be in the Boxes?

It’s tough to get an accurate prediction of the stolen cards. But, considering the fact he got them over 20 years ago, some experts may have an idea of the most valuable cards.

He stated he got some of them at an auction in 1999. If that’s truly the case, that rare Japanese card he mentioned may be the highly-sought after holographic 1st edition Charizard. That one could be worth over half of Polydorou’s estimation. If it was rated a perfect 10 SPA, experts say it could very well be worth $375,000.

Of course, it’s pretty hard to find such a card in a pristine condition, so it’s all speculation at this point. Still, that’s a lot of money for a card, but the other collection is pricy too. If the holographic Charizard is there and costs that much, that would leave the remaining cards at a price of over $100,000.

You already beating yourself up over losing your Pokemon cards? Your mom was right. You could have saved them and kept them in pristine condition, as many of them are worth a real fortune. We hope that Mr. Polydorou regains the stolen items.