Rubens Barrichello to get involved in growing Brazilian Gambling?

Renowned Brazilian former F1 racing driver and a national treasure Rubens Barrichello might get involved in Brazilian Gambling. He has recently established a working connection with market giant Softswiss.

Both parties are now perusing the option to work together in what is the fastest, high-potential market on the planet.

Studies say the turnover in Brazilian gambling has risen by 71% between 2020 and 2023, ending that year with a gross turnover of around $21 billion!

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Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello is a former Formula 1 driver from Brazil, known for his extensive career in motorsport. He has transitioned into various roles post his F1 career, including endorsements and partnerships with brands and companies.

Barrichello Formula 1
Barrichello in one of his F1 cars.

In April of this year, Barrichello took on a role as non-executive director at Softswiss. That this basically means is he’s trying out whether he wants to work with them or not, while they can already test if using his name and face brings them additional attention, and by attention, I mean revenue.


Softswiss is a prominent iGaming software provider known for offering a comprehensive suite of products for online gambling businesses. Their offerings include casino platforms, game aggregators, sportsbook platforms, and crypto gambling solutions.

Rubens Barrichello and the Brazilian Gambling Market

The Brazilian gambling market has seen significant growth and changes in recent years, especially with the legalization of sports betting and the potential regulation of other forms of gambling. This expansion creates opportunities for both local and international companies to enter and establish a presence in Brazil.

Softswiss is currently surveying their future involvement in Latin American markets, and it’s pretty safe to say their engagement is going to be massive.

Barrichello and Softswiss Partnership

Rubens Barrichello has partnered with Softswiss to promote their brand and services within the Brazilian market. This partnership is strategic, leveraging Barrichello’s popularity and credibility in Brazil to enhance Softswiss’s visibility and reputation.

As an ambassador, Barrichello helps in marketing and promotional activities, aiming to attract Brazilian customers to Softswiss’s gambling platforms and services.

Impact on the Brazilian Gambling Market

  • Increased Brand Recognition: The collaboration helps Softswiss build a stronger brand presence in Brazil, a country with a rapidly growing gambling sector.
  • Market Penetration: Leveraging a popular local figure like Barrichello can aid Softswiss in gaining trust and acceptance among Brazilian gamblers.
  • Promotional Activities: Barrichello’s involvement likely includes various promotional events, advertisements, and campaigns tailored to the Brazilian audience, thus driving engagement and interest.

In summary, the connection between Rubens Barrichello, Softswiss, and the Brazilian gambling market represents a strategic effort to capitalize on the burgeoning gambling sector in Brazil. By associating with a well-known personality like Barrichello, Softswiss aims to enhance its brand visibility and market share in Brazil.

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