IShowSpeed Unbanned on Twitch After Nearly Two Years

Nearly two years after his Twitch account was permanently suspended, hugely popular streamer IShowSpeed was unbanned on Twitch. He recently celebrated his ban finally being lifted. He also claimed to have changed significantly as a person since then.

IShowSpeed is among the most popular live streamers on the internet. He first rose to prominence via his Twitch and quickly became a widely recognized name. However, in December 2021, his Twitch channel was permanently banned due to an outburst during a stream with, you guessed it, Adin Ross.

What Was the Reason Behind IShowSpeed’s Permanent Ban?

For some context related to his permaban, IShowSpeed was paired up with internet personality Ash Kash on Adin Ross’ ” E-Date ” show. The situation spiraled out of control when IShowSpeed allegedly threatened to sexually assault Ash.

While Adin Ross intervened, Twitch did not take IShowSpeed’s words lightly and permanently banned the streamer on account of “sexual coercion or intimidation”. The VOD of that episode was also deleted from Ross’ channel. Since the ban, Speed has remained active on YouTube, where he is regarded as one of the website’s most-watched broadcasters.

IShowSpeed Unbanned on Twitch

On October 10, viewers were happy to see that IShowSpeed’s channel had suddenly been unbanned. Before the incident, Dan Clancy, CEO at Twitch, also made comments regarding offering some permanently banned streamers a “second chance.” However, it is still unclear how and why IShowSpeed’s ban was lifted.

Over a week has passed since then, and during a YouTube stream on October 18, IShowSpeed officially acknowledged the news. IShowSpeed exclaimed to his viewers during his broadcast that he had finally had his permaban lifted. He also showed his fans his now functional Twitch account.

The young content creator addressed the chat by saying, “Guess what?” and then revealed that he had forgotten about it but was “literally” unbanned on Twitch. He also expressed excitement at that moment, saying he could go into someone’s chat and ask them, “What’s good?”

The streamer then proceeded to tell his viewers that he had been banned for two years before finally being unbanned. He expressed happiness and relief to have returned and mentioned that he was only 16 years old when his account was suspended.

IShowSpeed a “Different” Person Now

After his grand reveal, the streamer explained how much he had changed in the almost two years since his Twitch was banned, during which time he also entered an exclusive contract with streaming platform Rumble for a show in collaboration with Kai Cenat.

He emphasized the fact that he was a “young kid” when that incident occurred, leading to his inevitable ban. He then told his viewers that he has grown more mature and is not the same person he was back then.

Although the streamer has not yet gone live on his Twitch channel, avid fans eagerly anticipate his return to the streaming platform. Despite there being no content as of yet, Speed’s Twitch channel has already amassed thousands of followers.

The Snakebite Incident

In other news about the content creator, IShowSpeed found himself in a bit of a pickle during his recent visit to India. It all began after Speed panicked when the YouTube duo Slayy Point placed an iguana on his shoulder.

His screaming apparently angered a snake his fellow YouTubers also happened to be carrying. As they tried to remove the iguana from him, the snake lunged forward and bit him, which caused him to scream louder.

Speed then watched a replay of his meltdown and, after confirming that he had actually been bitten, lost his cool again. This time, Speed began removing his clothing in a state of panic, his pants dropping to his ankles, before jokingly saying it was time for him to go. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt by the snakebite, nor was the snake venomous. However, this freak-out amused many fans, who found his reaction very comical.

IShowSpeed gets bitten by a Snake