Kick CEO Gives Adin Ross Rolls Royce as Birthday Present

What does Adin Ross really need? Kick CEO Eddie Craven had an idea and surprised Adin Ross with a Rolls Royce for his birthday.

At the start of 2023, rumors started circulating about Adin Ross, a former Twitch steamer, potentially joining rival streaming platform Kick. After streaming on both platforms for several weeks, Ross officially confirmed his decision to join Kick.

This was a significant move for both the streamer and Kick, as they had just brought one of the most famous streamers from their rivals to their new platform. Adin Ross, in a short space of time, has made many memorable moments along the way. However, his recent birthday celebration is likely to stand out as one of his most cherished memories for a long time.

Adin Ross Rolls Royce – a Special Surprise from Kick for His Birthday

After spending almost a year on Kick, Adin Ross has become a strong ambassador of the platform and does his best to promote it whenever he can. Adin Ross appears to be very appreciated by the team behind Kick and to show this, he was recently invited to a live stream by the platform’s CEO, Eddie Craven, for a special surprise.

After being guided to a garage in a blindfold, Ross was given a set of keys in his hands, leaving him in suspense about what awaited to be revealed. When uncovered, the team revealed a brand new Rolls Royce parked before him, leaving the streamer in shock. Ross exclaimed, “What the heck? A Rolls Royce. No way. They got me a Rolls Royce.”

Craven simply wished Ross “Happy Birthday” before Ross jumped into his brand new car with his girlfriend. While examining the car, Ross thanked Eddie and made a cheeky remark on Twitch by saying, “Twitch would never,” highlighting Kick’s gesture compared to his former platform. Ross showed genuine surprise and gratitude for this extraordinary gift, and his viewers, for the most part, were positive about the exchange in the comment section.

Adin Ross: Kick’s Most Valuable Asset?

Just a month ago, Adin Ross suggested the possibility of an interview with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, which stirred excitement across his followers. While it’s highly improbable that such an interview will ever happen, Ross did captivate audiences with a mock interview that eventually broke viewership records on Kick.

After his recent highly successful stream, Adin Ross has his sights set on another political figure: former US President Donald Trump. Ross now has over 720,000 followers on Kick and is no stranger to controversial content, contributing to his success. Who knows what Ross has in store for the future, but Kick is undoubtedly thriving thanks to his influential presence on the platform.