Popular Twitch Streamer busts League of Legends Cheater

Tyler Steinkamp, better known as Tyler1, or loltyler1, is an American Twitch streamer and internet personality. He is an extremely popular League of Legends player with over 5 million followers on Twitch. His main character in the League of Legends is “Draven”.

He might be better known for his loud and outspoken behaviour when streaming, and sometimes being overly critical of his teammates when playing, sometimes even verbally abusing or calling them out. Riot games even banned him from playing the game at some stage. But he has since seemed to turn a new leaf and keep it clean. Currently, he is considered one of the top League of Legends streamers with thousands of viewers daily.

Tyler has exposed ‘win trading’ in the past on several occasions, and has also exposed players who tried to benefit from ‘win trading’. For those unfamiliar with this term, let us give a quick breakdown of what Win trading actually is.

What is Win Trading?

Image: Twitter.com.

In short, win trading means one player in a team is intentionally trolling players so that the enemy team wins. Sometimes, when queuing for a game, you and your friend can be split up into opposing teams, and of course you want your friend to win so you can help him get promoted.

Win trading means you then intentionally commit bad play tactics by trolling and/or telling your friend where the enemy team is. Some players do anything they can to help their friends win the match. This is very much frowned upon, as you can imagine, and players will be banned if they are exposed.

Exposing a Cheater

Just recently, Tyler lost a game within 16 minutes during a live stream when the enemy decimated his team with a high-ranking boosted League of Legends account. At the time, Tyler was playing on his North American account “COOKIEMONSTER123”.

After about five hours into the game, “Malphite” was locked into playing the top lane. The game ended in disaster as the opposing team players outmatched all the lane players.

Post-game, Tyler did some digging around to see if there were any signs of foul play.

Tyler visited the player’s Twitter account to clear up some facts and found that they are openly bragging about the fact they win traded. The enemy team’s support player “Chocovanille” was boosted by win trading with a jungler player from the same team. After reading some posts from the Twitter account in question, it was clear what they were doing.

He was shocked to find they were not even trying to hide it.

Tyler was very verbal about exposing them once he realised what was happening, and his clip was highly upvoted on a Reddit post with more than 160 replies. The clip on Twitch has been watched more than 350,000 times.

It is no surprise that players like Tyler get social attention by weeding out cheaters, especially if one looks at the consequences of doing so. E-sports is a highly competitive space, and from the community’s response, it’s clear there is no room for cheaters in this game.