Blacklisted Online Casinos

Ever wondered what Blacklisted Online Casinos are? Well, online gambling is big business and thus attracts all sorts of “players”.

While we revel in all of its benefits here at GambleBoost, we also feel it’s important to acknowledge that with such success comes inevitable pitfalls.

In the ever-expanding world of online gambling, many players are trying to make money by scamming the system and resorting to fraud. Unfortunately, players aren’t the only ones engaging in fraudulent activities.

Some illegitimate online casinos keep information hidden and try their best to attract players to join their platforms, knowing full well that they don’t have the license to operate and have sinister intentions.

Such casinos are referred to as blacklisted online casinos, and they take all the fun out of gambling by rigging the system and ensuring that the outcomes are not based on luck. This article will explore blacklisted casinos in more detail and offer tips on what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

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What is a Blacklisted Casino?

Blacklisted casinos are online gambling platforms that have earned a bad reputation for engaging in unfair, dishonest, and problematic practices.

Such casinos are likely to exhibit behaviors such as rigging games against players, engaging in fraud, refusing to pay out winnings, and providing offers and promotions that seem too good to be true.

It is crucial to understand why some casinos end up being blacklisted and how they can be identified.

How to Identify Blacklisted Casinos

Once you are familiar with the industry, identifying a dodgy casino’s red flags will be pretty straightforward. Here are some ways of identifying blacklisted casinos:


There are many platforms available online, like ours, that review different casinos and shed light on their legitimacy. It also helps to look at customer reviews, as they are written by individuals who have played at the casino personally.

If a casino has too many bad reviews, frequent mentions of fraudulent activities, and unresolved or unanswered customer queries, there is a high chance the platform is not legit.

Having said this, some review sites tend to attract those with only negative stories to share, so consistently bad reviews don’t necessarily mean an online casino is not legitimate. However, a credible online casino will go out of its way to ensure its reputation is good.

Look for Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that you should keep an eye out for. Blacklisted casinos usually provide overly generous bonuses accompanied by a lack of transparent terms and conditions and have a history of changing rules that disadvantage players.

Avoid signing up to a casino if you notice one or more of these signs.

Check Regulatory Status and Compliance

The regulatory status of an online casino speaks volumes about its legitimacy. Legitimate casinos hold licenses from reputable authorities and strictly adhere to the industry regulations and standards in the jurisdiction in which they are operating.

Only register on a platform that has a valid license and follows responsible gambling practices.

The Risks and Consequences of Playing at Blacklisted Casinos

Playing at a blacklisted casino comes with several risks and consequences. We have detailed some of these below:

Financial Risks

internet security control

When you play at a blacklisted casino, your financial information and capital are most definitely at risk. You don’t want to deposit €100 knowing that the system is rigged against you.

However, it is important to note that this is far from the worst-case scenario. In extreme cases, your financial information will not be protected and could be used for someone else’s financial advantage. The potential stresses related to this can be huge.

Security Risks

Registering at an online casino requires submitting a lot of personal information. When such sensitive information is provided to a blacklisted online casino, it will most probably get misused.

Your personal information can get sold to third parties, and you can fall victim to identity theft and data breaches.

Legal Implications

In some jurisdictions, playing at blacklisted casinos can have legal implications for the players as well. Being associated in any way with a blacklisted casino can cause legal trouble for the players, especially in regions where the laws are stringent.

Personal Well-being

All the risks and consequences mentioned above can take a toll on a player’s well-being. The financial losses and legal consequences can be challenging to deal with and can lead to psychological distress.

Gambling is fun, but you do not need to protect yourself while playing online. We only associate ourselves with online casinos we know are 100% legitimate and will protect you in the rare occurrence of a security breach.

Betsson blacklisted in Finland

Only recently, Finland has blacklisted one of the best known online casinos and sports betting operators – Betsson.

Finland has marked Betsson as one of the blacklisted online casinos. The reason is that Betsson was advertising in Finland without being officially eligible to.

Consequently, banks and payment providers in Finland cannot carry out any money transfers with the name Betsson or any of their 14 brands anymore.

Statement issued by the Finnish authorities

Heikki Koivula works as Head of Compliance for Legal Gaming Attorneys at Law. He issued the following statement about the Betsson ban:

“With this, BML made history by becoming the first MGA licensed operator to be placed on the blacklist. As of this moment, this information has not been published elsewhere, but it will soon hit headlines as the NPB has now updated their blacklist online.

“This was a consequence of BML losing a court battle against the National Police Board on February 19, 2024. For our retainers, we provided information on the developments and in-depth analysis in real-time as things unfolded.”

edited March 14, 2024

Betsson has now responded by transferring their brands to outside Finland. All the blocked brands are now run by Rizk Nordic Ltd, which holds an MGA licence. It does look more like an attempt to outmaneuver the Finnish authorities than like an attempt to be compliant.

edited March 15, 2024

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