Half of the adults in Britain Like to Gamble

Almost half of the adults in Britain like to gamble – that is the result of the Gambling Comission’s latest survey.

The UK’s Gambling Commission just dropped some fresh intel from their Gambling Survey for Great Britain (GSGB). After a ton of work, they’re finally rolling out data to get a better grip on who’s gambling in the country. This info is gold because it’s gonna help shape up the gambling rules in the UK.

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So, in this first wave of GSGB data, they’re digging into who’s playing what, how often, and why. They got responses from about 4,800 adults, all 18 or older, between July and November 2023. Turns out the adults in Britain like to gamble.

48% have gambled within the last four weeks

Guess what? Nearly half of the people they talked to, like 48%, said they’d been gambling in the past four weeks. But here’s the kicker – a big chunk of them, about 21%, were just into lottery games. So, if you take out the lottery crowd, the real gambling rate drops to 27%.

Seems like the men aged 45 to 54 are the heavy hitters in the gambling game, but if you discount the lottery lovers, the younger crowd, between 18 and 44, steps up.

Oh, and online gambling? That’s a hit too, with 38% saying they’d done it in the past month. But if you remove the lottery folks from that mix, it drops to 16%. Seems like a lot of online gamblers are just into lottery draws.

And in-person gambling? That’s still a thing, with 29% of respondents saying they’ve done it lately. But once you take out the lottery fans, it falls to 18%.

Why do people gamble? Well, seems like it’s mostly for fun or the chance to score some cash.

Ben Haden, the brain behind the numbers at the Gambling Commission, is pumped about this study. He says it’s gonna help them keep tabs on what’s up with gamblers, with quarterly reports from around 5,000 folks and an annual summary of the data.

Plus, they’re not just looking at the sunny side of gambling – they’re keeping an eye on the dark stuff too.

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