Did Bruno Mars gamble away $50 million?

Bruno Mars has recently become a regular subject of tabloid headlines – not for his musical prowess or electrifying stage performances, but rather due to swirling rumors surrounding his gambling debts. The 32-year-old sensation is rumored to be entangled in staggering debts amounting to $50 million owed to MGM. sparking curiosity about the origins of these claims and potential struggles with gambling addiction.

What draws Bruno Mars to Las Vegas?

The acclaimed artist has established a significant presence in Las Vegas since 2016, becoming a fixture at the Park MGM Hotel with his frequent performances. As a hub for entertainment, Las Vegas naturally hosts numerous hotels with attached casinos, and Mars is reported to have frequented the MGM’s casino during his stays. According to insider accounts, Mars allegedly partook in gambling sessions, resulting in substantial losses. These losses are purported to have accumulated into the staggering figure of $50 million in gambling debts.

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Is Bruno Mars a gambler?

Bruno Mars is no stranger to the casino either. In several interviews over the past few years, the singer has admitted that he enjoys gambling. It’s also no secret that Bruno used poker winnings to finance his rent in Los Angeles at times. But is it true that Mars gambled away $50 million? No, these rumors have now been denied by an MGM Resorts spokeswoman to TMZ. So there shouldn’t be anything to the rumor. After all, that would almost be his entire annual salary he receives from MGM…

What’s next for Mars in Las Vegas?

This year he starts his ninth Park MGM residency in the world-famous Sin City. His shows are extremely popular in the desert city. Mars is also trying his hand at being an entrepreneur and recently opened a cocktail bar and entertainment lounge in collaboration with the Bellagio, another MGM hotel and casino. The superstar is clearly fond of Las Vegas. Debt-free, Mars can now continue to devote himself to his 24 karat magic. Viva Las Vegas!

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