Drake bets $1.15 Million on the Super Bowl thanks to Taylor Swift

Rapper Drake bet $1.15 Million on the Super Bowl – in part because of Taylor Swift. If you are not an NFL fan, the Super Bowl might leave you feeling a bit cold.

All that build-up and half-time entertainment is certainly not for everyone, but the event’s status can’t be ignored. Non-NFL fans would have most likely been sucked in by the noise surrounding the event, such as Taylor Swift’s romance and Drakes’s $1.15 million wager inspired by one of the world’s most famous pop stars.

The Drake curse is a theory that some picked up on a few years ago since the Canadian rapper would often befriend or take photos with major sports teams or players only for them to go and not win on the night. The last thing you want to know before playing in a major sports event is that Drake is backing you.

Therefore, when Rapper Drake bet $1.15 Million on the Super Bowl in favor of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs,  fans of the 49ers had hoped the curse would strike again. The star placed $1.15 million, saying on Instagram, ‘I can’t bet against the swifties.’

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Approximately $23 Billion Wagered on the Super Bowl

The latest figures suggest over $23 billion was wagered on the Super Bowl. That’s 50 % more than last year’s figure of $16 billion, all on a single match. To put this into perspective, countries such as Estonia, Iceland and Cyprus have nominal GDPs in a similar range.

There are no doubt hundreds of other statistics that can be provided. They will shed some context on just how huge the Super Bowl is. In the United States, this sporting event unites an entire nation regardless of their love for American football.

Besides Drakes’s mammoth wager, there were other monster bets placed that we know about. These include a $1.1 Million bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win at BetMGM and the same-sized bet on the 49ers placed at CircaSports.

The Drake Curse Can Be Finally Put to Rest Now

This year’s Super Bowl went to overtime, which is not great for the nerves but fantastic for sporting drama. Globally, the two most prominent images of the night came from Travis Kelce screaming in the face of his own coach and him later embracing Taylor Swift. This of course means the Kansas City Chiefs did go on to lift the Super Bowl, winning narrowly in overtime, 25-22.

Drake’s betting activity is becoming legendary. Ever since becoming an ambassador for stake.com, he has made $1.15 million wagers look like pocket change. Regarding the curse, the Toronto Raptors, the team he supports and became an ambassador for, won the NBA Finals in 2019. Seems the Canadian rapper was more briefly unlucky than cursed forever.

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