Impressive Surge: Macau’s 2023 Casino Revenue Report Released

As we enter 2024, Macau’s 2023 casino revenue report has been released. The official monthly statistics for last year show an impressive development.

The reports detailed each month individually and were conducted by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of Macau.

We can reveal some substantial growth this year, as the report revealed a staggering annual increase of 433% in gross monthly income. When converted, this comes to roughly MOP$18.6bn.

Over the year, revenue consistently rose compared to the previous year, undoubtedly fueled by a growing influx of tourists. Although the pandemic is now a distant memory for many, we shouldn’t lose sight of its significant impact on the live casino industry.

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Macau’s 2023 Casino Revenue (First Quarter)

At the start of the year, January recorded a gross monthly income of MOP$11.6 billion (US$1.4 billion), marking an 83% increase compared to the previous year’s corresponding period. February experienced the most modest annual growth, with a 33% increase resulting in a gross monthly income of MOP$10.3 billion.

In March, the numbers surged into triple digits and remained there, with an income of MOP$12.7 billion, representing a remarkable 247% increase. In April, the momentum continued with a staggering 450% increase in gross monthly income, reaching MOP$14.7 billion.

This also contributed to the annual accumulated gross income rate of change reaching triple digits, boasting a 141% rise compared to the same point last year.

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A Break Down of Macau Revenue (Second Quarter)

A minor downturn in May resulted in a 366% uptick and a gross income of MOP$15.6 billion. Over the summer months, the rate of change experienced a significant boost.

In June, marking the start of the busy tourist season, the figures surged to MOP$15.2 billion, reflecting an annual change of 514%.

However, July witnessed the most substantial increase of the year, reaching MOP$16.7 billion and an extraordinary rate of change of 4,083%.

Undoubtedly fueled by a surge in tourism, the Macau Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) documented a monthly increase of 25% and an astonishing annual increase of 28,177%.

A Break Down of Macau Revenue (Second Quarter)

Of the 2,759,544 tourists who visited in July 2023, a significant majority, 1,910,371 individuals, originated from mainland China.

In August, there was a substantial annual increase of 686% in gross monthly income, reaching MOP$17.2 billion. September witnessed another modest dip but maintained a positive 404% increase, totaling MOP$14.9 billion. October marked the year’s pinnacle with a remarkable 400% increase, reaching the highest monthly income of MOP$19.5 billion.

In November, the year’s penultimate month, the winter months experienced their most significant increase. They were registering a substantial 435% growth and reaching MOP$16 billion.

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