What is a White Label Casino?

A White Label casino is essentially a software solution in the iGaming community that provides online casinos with a cost-effective means of launching their site.

Online casinos require licenses from Gambling Commissions to launch their platform and gain iGaming products from prominent software providers in the industry. The process itself can take time and cost funds.

This is why most operators choose to opt for White Label, which is a solution that aims to provide a timely and inexpensive means of launching a gambling platform.

Various software developers provide White Label casino online solutions in the industry. It is most commonly used by starting casinos to jump-start their start-ups. The software also comes with a number of advantages that online casinos can make use of and get ahead rather than starting from scratch.

White Label Casinos Explained

The term ‘White Label solution’ refers to a product or service that one company develops and sells or leases to another company that brands and distributes the product or service as its own. Running a gambling platform is complex, time-consuming, and costly. White Label solutions provide an alternative to gambling start-ups by cutting down costs and allowing them to work under the umbrella of an established brand name.

These solutions provide online casinos with the following:

  • A gambling sublicense
  • Payment solutions
  • Legal and technical support
  • New updates
  • Software platform to run the website
  • Gaming content

White Label Casinos operate under a sublicense given by the solution’s supplier. The sublicense covers main gambling licenses under legal eyes and customer protection. As such, these casinos are legitimate, which means that quality and security are assured.

White Label Casinos – Features & Services

A White Label Casino offers much of the same gambling products and services as any other online gambling platform. These include casino table games, slots, and betting markets.

The solution supplier provides a complete package of slot games, bonuses, and promotions, as well as payment methods that most customers would use, such as cryptocurrencies.

White Label Casinos can remove or add any new features provided by the solutions supplier. The supplier also offers technical support to the casino as well as player support for any inquiries. The software is often updated by the supplier as well for improved functionality of the White Label Casino.

Other uses of White Label Casinos are:

  • Affiliate modules and system
  • Top-tier gaming providers
  • Multi-platform usability
  • Reliable and secure payment methods
  • User-friendly interface

Final Thoughts

White Label Casinos are not so different from regular casino sites. It is only an alternative means for a casino start-up to acquire a sublicense and use a package of games and promos the supplier consists of beforehand.

For casino sites, it is the most inexpensive way to start up an iGaming business. Players who want to gamble at such platforms can rest assured that White Label Casinos offers a number of secure payment options and an immense library of games and bonuses to utilize.