Fury vs Ngannou Secretly Streamed – Twitcher Banned

Fury vs Ngannou streamed without permission – a Twitch streamer has been banned for attempting to broadcast the much-awaited Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou boxing match live on their stream, disguising the fight to make it appear as if he was playing a game.

The Fury vs Ngannou Match

On the 28th of October, an adrenaline-pumping crossover match occurred between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia. Ngannou, previously a heavyweight champion in the UFC, faced off against Fury, a WBC heavyweight world champion in a non-title match.

The much-anticipated fight Fury vs Ngannou turned out to be a thrilling and evenly-matched contest, contrary to what almost everyone was expecting. Ngannou even managed to knock down the WBC champion, and in turn, boxing fans around the globe started to believe we might be close to witnessing the greatest upset of all time.

However, the final result turned out to be a rather controversial split decision in favor of Fury.

Stealthy Streaming Gone Wrong

Popular streamer Brandon “BLOU” went to unusual lengths to share the Fury Ngannou stream with his audience. He attempted to avoid copyright restrictions by acting like he was using a controller to play a video game.

In reality, the streamer was secretly streaming the match live on Twitch. To avoid possible detection, he was also seen commenting on which fighter he was in his “game.”

A user on X (formerly Twitter) under the username domainsdomain posted a 16-second clip from BLOU’s recent live stream, during which he was secretly re-broadcasting the Fury vs Ngannou fight. The X user also jokingly pointed out BLOU’s antics, asking why he streamed the fight.

The attempt was quickly discovered, with an automated X account StreamerBans notifying followers that BLOU had been banned from Twitch as the match took place.

BLOU is a well-known Twitch streamer with over 518k followers, and this marks his seventh suspension from the platform since 2021 and the fourth one this year.

Although Twitch allows sidecasting sports on the platform, many broadcasts are liable to licensing restrictions, and this one happened to be among them. The Fury vs Ngannou fight, being a pay-per-view match, required viewers to buy access to the official live stream via DAZN or ESPN+.

Fury Ngannou Stream – Community Reactions

Since far worse crimes have occurred on stream, we think it’s fair to say that many found the incident to be funny, with some making jokes about the supposedly impressive graphics of the alleged new “Fight Night” DLC pack.

Meanwhile, others pointed out the questionable effort to evade copyright restrictions. Essentially suggesting that the streamer couldn’t have seriously thought he was going to get away with it.

The Lester Gaming Incident

This occurrence is reminiscent of a 2017 incident involving another streamer, Lester Gaming, who tried to disguise live footage of UFC 218 while streaming in the EA UFC 3 Twitch category. Lester was suspended from Twitch for 24 hours after several media platforms picked up on the event.

However, this did not deter the streamer from a similar attempt in 2018 by secretly streaming an NBA playoff game while making it seem like he was playing NBA 2K18. Unless many attempts have gone undetected, it doesn’t appear to be the most successful method.