Biggest Live Broadcast Poker Win of all time

Today we have the ultimate poker success story for our poker fans: A few days ago, Tom Dwan won one of the biggest poker pots ever – a whopping $3.1 million (!). What makes the story all the more special? Officially, this is the biggest broadcast live win ever.

But first things first:

Who is Tom Dwan and why is it all the more amazing that he is the one who breaks this new record?

Tom Dwan, better known by his nickname durrrr, is best known for his love of online poker. He has been able to continuously expand his popularity in recent years through ever higher winnings and corresponding stakes (which of course made the games all the more interesting). The former McDonald’s employee turned his hobby into a career with incredible success: since he first took part in live poker tournaments in 2005, durrrr has won a total of 6.5 million US dollars. What makes the American so dangerous for fellow players? He is unpredictable and follows no rules. He plays aggressively and bluffs to no end.

This tactic made the 36-year-old the ultimate winner back in 2010: he won almost 1.1 million in one hand against fellow poker player Phil Ivey. What more special? Even then he broke a new record with his win at Sky Sports. His hand was the biggest pot in television history to date.

“New” record: Biggest live win

Durrrr now breaks his own record on the fourth day of the Million Dollar Game tournament. At the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles, he pulls off the big coup: the biggest live cash game pot ever played! Wesley Fei had to admit defeat. Dwan was named one of the top 50 players in poker history in 2019. We’re sure he’ll climb a few more places after this terrific tournament!