Latest Casino Promotion 2024: Slot Wars on Bitstarz

Play Slot Wars on Bitstarz and win a share of €5000 plus 5000 free spins every week. And here are the rules: Just play.

Promotion slot wars at Bitstarz Casino have transformed into a battleground where players engage in fierce competition, fueled by adrenaline and the allure of lucrative rewards. As one of the leading online casinos, Bitstarz continually innovates to captivate its audience, and the promotion slot wars epitomize this ethos.

Slot Wars on Bitstarz – Play your favourite slots and win big!

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Slot Wars promotion Bitstarz

Slots Wars on Bitstarz – All you need to do is play

This promotion runs 24/7 and is monitored in real time. The greatest thing is, you don’t need to watch any complicated rules. Just play any slot game you want and earn points.

More points will earn you a bigger share of the prize pool, and the points table is always accessible, so you can watch yourself moving up in the rankings.

The mechanics are simple yet compelling: for every wager placed on selected slot games, players earn points that propel them up the leaderboard. But what truly sets the promotion slot wars apart is the dynamic nature of the competition.

With regular updates and new challenges, players must adapt their strategies to stay ahead, keeping the excitement palpable throughout the event’s duration.

Win Cash Rewards and Free Spins

Once a week, Bitstarz open their money vault and give out €5000 to the top 150 players. The winner will cash a whopping €1500! If you end up outside the top 40, you will receive up to 100 free spins.

You can take part in this promotion as many times as you want. The Slot Wars promotion will run all through 2024!

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